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Have you experienced any of these wedding woes?

Ever been at a wedding where the photographer didn’t show? Perhaps the reception venue went into liquidation? Or the band failed to learn the first dance?

If you’ve faced wedding woes, our survey of 2015 UK adults found you wouldn’t be alone. Our new research found almost a third of Brits have experienced, or know someone who has experienced, problems with planning a UK wedding.

Substandard snaps

The photographer topped the list in our survey, with a fifth (22%) of respondents citing the person or the pictures as a problem area.

Photographers tended to be less experienced than claimed, and photos didn’t live up to expectations.

Photos also took too long to get hold of, the photographers didn’t stay at the event for as long as expected, they cancelled last minute, their behaviour was unprofessional and they didn’t uphold what was initially agreed.

If your wedding photos are missing, damaged, or not of a good enough quality you should be able to claim a refund.

Most complained about

Catering companies (16%) and photographers (12%) were the most likely sectors to receive both wedding complaints and claims, which could suggest a higher expectation of value for money in these areas.

A quarter of those with photographer problems chose to complain, but this halves (12%) when looking at those who complained and claimed.

The biggest successful claims came in relation to wedding dresses – a dozen respondents who had problems with their dresses were able to claim an average of £587.95 from retailers.

Why didn’t everyone complain or claim?

Of those who didn’t make a complaint or claim, one in five (22%) said they couldn’t be bothered, one in six (15%) said they were too busy planning the wedding, and a similar number said it was too difficult (14%).

If you’ve recently experienced issues with a wedding, read our consumer rights advice for more guidance on what to do when you encounter common wedding problems.

Have you or anyone you know experienced any wedding planning woes? What did you do to resolve the issue? Did you complain or make a claim?


I know of several people who have entrusted friends or friends of friends to take photos, with very good results. Even if you pay for a photographer its probably wise to have someone who has a decent camera and could stand in.