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This week on Which? Conversation: 26 July 2021

Here’s what’s happening on Which? Conversation and around which.co.uk during the week of 26 July.

Hello everyone and welcome to another week. We hope you managed to both enjoy the sunny weather and stay safe during the storms that followed.

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Last week

Last week was a busy one with an update to our calls on the Online Safety Bill, Kate’s musings on back-up plans for your tech and another scam warning as fake Bitcoin emails are spoofing the domain of Selfridges.

And of course our latest event took place last Thursday with the Which? Trusted Traders team joining us live to answer your questions. Take a look back at how that went here.

This week

Things remain just as busy going into this week with a number of new discussions planned. We’ve again worked alongside the team that produces the Which? print supplements as a new guide on running your home efficiently is being sent to subscribers shortly. What are your tips?

Kate Bevan will be joining us live on Wednesday at 3pm to answer your tech questions, and we’ll be launching the following week’s event on Friday. You can catch up with all the past ones here.

Meanwhile we’ll be taking a closer look at Paul McCartney’s latest music video (the reasons will soon be revealed!) and then we’ll have our quiz of the month at the weekend.

At the polls

Inspired by the August edition of Which? Magazine’s investigation into health tracking, do you know roughly how many steps you take per day? Do you have a health/fitness device keeping track?

Roughly how many steps do you take per day?
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I don’t have a fitness tracker, nor do I want one, but my phone keeps a track of how far I walk a day. Well it would if it joined me each time I went for a walk. I had not realised that my phone and its predecessor have been monitoring me since 2014. If it is accurate I usually walk between two and five miles a day. Even if the weather is poor I feel better after exercise, especially the following day.

From Statista: “In England, women walked more than men for almost all age groups, apart from 17-20 year-olds. In 2019, women aged 30-39 years were the most active out of all age groups, walking 253 miles per year. By comparison, men of the same age group walked 32 miles less per year. Despite this, there was only a small difference between the distance walked between age groups. The greatest prevalence of people who walked was recorded in the South West region.” https://www.statista.com/statistics/376531/walking-distance-in-england-uk-by-age-and-gender/

I find it difficult to believe these low averages. Many people have dogs and ones that I know spend at least an hour a day walking them, in all weathers.

Not sure I see recording the number of miles walked as being of much importance. I walk when I need to and don’t need a smart device to help me worry about whether I have done enough.

Although I don’t have a fitness tracker I do know people who have used them regularly to provide an incentive to get more exercise.

Licorice. But ice cream must be good quality; that I’ve had in Devon from farm producers hits the mark.

I recently tried a Magnum raspberry choc ice cream but found the raspberry flavour so strong that I couldn’t taste the chocolate. As a self confessed chocoholic, my favourite has to be a Magnum Classic.

@beryl, did you read this? https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/food-and-drink/article/magnum-vs-supermarket-own-label-ice-creams-aGdeM5T32F1x Have you tried the others?
Personally I like M&S plain chocices.

I just have to have plenty of ice cream in the freezer at all times. Usually a variety of B&Js, Hargendaz, and any type similar to magnums. The prices of big brands are ridiculously expensive so I only buy branded when they drop to half price or less. I have to recommend Aldi, the Magnum style they sell are so good, and at an incredibly low price I wouldn’t go back to buying Magnums.
Of the branded pots, Praline & Cream & Cone are a definite favourite. I like creamy silky texture, with a chewy fudge running through and a crunch, mmmmm…….
But the best of all time was an ice cream in Devon, a little kiosk on a small beach selling Marmalade ice cream in cones! Oh. My. GOOD-goodness, I have never tasted anything like it before then or since.
I now make my own marmalade ice cream, but it’s never quite like that one in Devon.

Rum and Raisin if the wife does not get to it first

Started making my own, and it’s rhubarb crumble ice cream. Or, if shop bought then anything nutty.

I had forgotten about Cassata ( a Sicilian pud, I think) that I used to get at an Italian Restaurant in Hendon, N London. Layers of vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and nougat ice creams.

Thanks for the reminiscence, Malcolm. That was my favourite dessert when eating in one of the many family-run Italian restaurants all over north London fifty years ago.

E D Tonge says:
16 October 2021

Definitely rum and raisin

Ted says:
9 March 2022

I prefer the taste of salted caramel and so does my better half. A close second is vanilla enriched with Madagascar Vanilla pods