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Some info about HS2 and the environment


“Some tech companies are already porting their UK customers to be served under US data privacy laws rather than more restrictive EU ones”



May 2021 – Orbuculum News – From our special correspondent Claire Voyant

Dick and Jane Swift will be unable to join their Sago Cruise later this month, for which they paid over £3,000 each. They booked the cruise in February, after receiving their first Covid-19 jabs at the local GP surgery, but they are still waiting for their second injections.

Dick Swift said: “We were assured by this Government that we would receive our booster injections within 12 weeks of the first jab. It seems this is not now the case, due to limited vaccine supplies, police, teachers and other so-called essential workers being given priority and jumping the queue.”

Jane took up the story: “I spoke to the surgery, but they said that even if we could have the vaccine today, we would not develop full immunity for another two weeks, so they would not be able to issue a certificate until then, which is too late for us to join our cruise ship.”

A Sago spokesperson said: “All customers must be compliant with our Covid-19 vaccination policy, which has been put in place for the safety of passengers and crew. We are unable to offer a refund on this occasion because the conditions were made clear back in January 2021 and again at the time of booking.”

The Swifts said that they are “gutted” at not being able to go on holiday as planned and they cannot afford to lose £6,000 due to Dick being furloughed since the first lockdown. They will be contacting Which? for advice.