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Take the Which? Conversation October Halloween Quiz

It’s time to test your knowledge of the month that was October. Can you score 10/10?

It’s been another busy month – October saw:

How much do you remember? Here are 10 questions from the past month, chosen from our conversations here and from the news and advice you’ll find elsewhere on which.co.uk. Can you get a perfect score?

Thanks for taking the quiz! We hope you enjoy the Halloween weekend – and don’t forget to put your clocks back on Saturday night!


This quiz was easier than most, at least for me. I did underestimate the number of energy suppliers that have failed so far, though I’m aware that Bulb could be the next to go. That is worrying because it is not a small supplier and from what I have read and been told by friends, it was one of the better ones for customer service.

All customers. of failed energy suppliers are assigned to a new supplier at no cost to themselves and will be able to switch to another company/tariff soon after. Sadly we will all contribute to the costs incurred and Ofgem is going to have to ensure that any company given a licence will be able to cope with rises in the wholesale price of gas.

I wish everyone in the media would STOP promoting halloween as it’s a grotesquely SICK glorification of outright EVIL and is absolutely NOT “harmless fun” etc. but it’s actually appalling child abuse as it’s deliberately involving vulnerable children in deadly dangerous occult based culture and it’s glorifying the same outright evil which causes such appalling corrupting disorders like paedophilia, as well as suicidal depression and self harm and all manner of appalling problems which cannot be dealt with by secular methods. I don’t know how anyone can claim to “care” about kids and then involve them in such dangerous activities, what utter hypocrisy, and I see this near enough every single day, especially with the broadcasters. The whole western world has become far too far removed from reality and needs to get back in touch with what really matters. And I don’t think that a consumer organisation should be involved with halloween but should instead concentrate more on things which keep children safe as well as other consumer matters which don’t promote evil culture.