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Take the Which? Conversation March Quiz

The March Which? Conversation quiz is here! Test your knowledge of the month’s consumer news and discussions.

It’s a little later than planned this month, but the time has come to put your knowledge of March to the test in our monthly quiz!


As always, let us know how you got in by leaving your score in the comments.


8/10 – must try harder!

Em says:
7 April 2022

No! I don’t want you beating me.

8/10 as well. I failed on the date of the Which? mag and on Boots LFT price (Tesco are selling individual ones for £2, incidentally). Not sure that knowing (guessing) the “mum and dad scam” and the McDonalds wrap of the day zero inflation were worthy bits of knowledge. 🙁

Em says:
7 April 2022

The WhatsApp scam doesn’t have a common name. The Independent reported it as the “Hello Mum” scam. In the US it’s the “Hello Mom” scam. In Germany it’s known as “Hallo Mama” … .

This is just a new variant of the Grandparent (or Grandchild) scam, where an elderly relative receives a phone call from their “grandchild”. Of course they may not have spoken to them for years, so no idea what they now sound like.

These quizzes are far too easy if I can get nine right without paying much attention to the articles in most Conversations, including two complete guesses. I failed on the date of the Which? Magazine which offered tips on saving mobile phone battery life [which technically wasn’t a memory test of March 2022!].

Eight out of ten for me. I have been preoccupied with catching up with life after not much happening in the past two years.