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Take the Which? Conversation March Quiz

It’s been another busy month, but how much of March 2021 do you remember? Take our monthly quiz and put your knowledge to the test.

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease and the clocks going forward as spring arrives, it’s been another busy month across Which?.

Put your knowledge of March 2021 to the test with 10 questions based on our discussions here on Which? Conversation and the consumer news stories across which.co.uk

Good luck!


How did you get on? Let us know in the comments and tell us what stood out to you in March.


5 out of 10. I will go and hang my head in shame.

Patrick Taylor says:
1 April 2021

I like quizzes, I set quizzes, and I am a bit of a connoisseur of what makes a good quiz. There is a book about the very subject and the world of the ultra-serious players. I like them to be fun and inclusive.

This quiz is entirely factual and to be honest not very interesting to me but did put me in mind of what a consumer champion perhaps could do to make it more relevant.

1. According to the Accounts what was the largest pay-out to a CEO of this charity in the last decade?
a] under £250,000
b] over £400,000
c] over £800,000

2. Sasha Rodoy is a famous campaigner for consumer rights – in which field?
a] Fashion
b] Laser eye surgery
c] Additives

3. How many conveyancers/solicitors have been held liable for not advising clients that the leases on the flats/houses they intended to buy were highly onerous ?
a] 0
b] The Law Society does not tell anyone – particularly the public.
c] Have there been any prosecutions?

Anyway you get the gist that there is a lot of questions that get away from numbers and the great joy is that the answers can enlighten, intrigue, and lead to more interest in a subject

7 out of 10 and nearly all guesses. I no longer read everything in the monthly magazine and the March issue has not yet been opened. I also don’t retain much of what I read in the Conversation articles.

I agree with Patrick that the monthly quiz could easily be made more of a learning experience. I would have liked to see additional information given with the answers – for example in the question about fridge/freezers, it could have stated the percentage inefficiency level of the other three options; it’s almost impossible to dust the condenser coils at the back of our fridge/freezer so knowing the ranking of other ways of running it more efficiently could be useful [the linked reference info did not indicate the relative value of each quick tip – although they might have been ranked in order of benefit but it didn’t say!].

Also I don’t think we are that much better educated by being informed of the level of distrust in different industries in Scotland; the comparative position in the three other nations might have been revealing from a consumers’ action viewpoint. I could have “joined the Conversations” I suppose and ploughed through them individually, but I didn’t think there was one for England, was there?