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Take the Which? Conversation July Quiz

Take the Which? Conversation July Quiz!

How much can you remember from the month that was July 2021? Test your knowledge with our monthly quiz.

From lifting restrictions across the UK to rising temperatures in the heatwave, quite a lot happened in July.

As always, we’ve picked 10 questions from the consumer news and conversations here and elsewhere across which.co.uk. Can you score 10 out of 10?

Good luck!

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What were your highlights from July? Feel free to share in the comments, and let us know your score!

Enjoy your weekends, and we’ll look forward to talking more in August!


“According to data from Waterwise, how long of a shower would you need to take in order to use the same amount of water that would fill an average bathtub?”

A trick question? One typically bathes in 15-20 gallons, but an average tub when filled (up to the overflow) would hold perhaps 5 times this.

Without knowing the flow rate of the shower and how long it is used for, it’s not possible to make a meaningful comparison with taking a bath. It took a couple of minutes to establish that my shower uses 13.7 litres. of water per minute (about 3 gallons per minute) on the low flow setting.

In our house the shower runs for a minute before any hot water emerges so that is all wasted. It takes five gallons before the ‘hot’ tap in the utility room is running hot but it is at least possible to transfer the unused water to the garden.

My shower is OK but it takes ages for hot water to reach the kitchen tap. I am more concerned about the amount of water that is used for garden sprinklers and hosepipes, since it may take little effort to collect rainwater in water butts.

Our kitchen tap is beneath the room containing the combination boiler so we get hot water there within seconds but it goes on a mystery tour of the house to reach the utility room passing the bathroom en route.

With iron rainwater goods there’s not much I can do to collect rainwater from the house roof but we have a flat-roofed extension which currently drains to the front driveway and if I can find a narrow profile tank I intend to divert the outflow for garden use.