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Take the Which? Conversation January Quiz

The new year has got off to a busy start – but how much of January do you remember? Test your knowledge in our monthly quiz.

This year looks set to be every bit as busy as the last – January has been a fast-paced month of news, discussions and updates. From use-by dates to the Metaverse, we’ve discussed the usual wealth of topics here on Which? Conversation

But how much of those discussions, and the wider news from around Which?, do you remember?

Test your knowledge in our first quiz of 2022:

Let us know how you got on in the comments.


I am sick to death by not being able to trust people I ‘meet’ on-line. I have been scammed and robbed by fraudsters saying they are authorised ! I am fed up with continual requests on TV to sponsor yet another charity, with the levels being raised now to ip to £30.00. I am tired of all the crap about Corvid heroes and them being given pay rises e.g. some Doctors, Dentists and other medical staff in Health Centres, when my partner had to face a night shift with 6 , yes SIX deaths on one night shift with one auxiliary to help with janitorial jobs.
There are many other things that I am having trouble for myself as a disabled, ex Royal Air Force serving person. Such as struggling to make ends meet.
I can be contacted if anyone is interested by my personal mobile, since I cannot hold a standard ‘phone. My number being xxxxxx. Have been suffering constant unending pain from an injured neck sustained when blown up by explosive device in 1963. My career was destroyed and I was told that if I claimed, the RAF would ensure that I would never work again.

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