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Take the Which? Conversation February Quiz

How much do you remember of the month that was February 2021?

A lot of activity was packed into February this year, with maps out of lockdown, letters to banks, and conversations galore.

How much do you remember of the past month? Here are 10 questions from the past month, taken from the discussions here on Which? Conversation and from elsewhere on Which.co.uk.

Good luck!

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What stood out for you this month? What are you looking forward to in March?

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7/10 I don’t memorise percentages. I don’t care if other people don’t clean or descale their coffee machines – that’s their problem.

What stood out this February? It snowed and I was vaccinated. 🙂

”How much do you remember of the month that was February 2021?” Losing a long-standing contributor for trivial and disputable reasons. There were few enough supporters anyway. What price loyalty is often asked………

7/10 also, after some lucky guesses.

It was a great shame to see the dispute that resulted in the loss of one of Convo’s longest serving regular participants.

Come on Which? How is WD40 an effective scratch remover, if it washes off?

WD40 doesn’t remove scratches, it hides them. And it’s not even a new hack. Decades ago, dodgy used car dealers would add a cup of paraffin to the wash bucket to get a showroom shine, along with a handful of sawdust to the engine oil to hide engine knocks. I hope you won’t be testing oil additives any time soon.