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Take the Which? Conversation August Quiz

August has flown by, but how much of it do you remember? Put your knowledge to the test in our quiz of the month.

From advice on cooking breaded chicken products safely to a week of consumer rights discussions, it’s been another busy month on Which? Conversation.

We’ve got 10 questions from the month of August, based on events here and around which.co.uk, for you to answer below – can you get a full house?

Good luck! 

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“Despite being labelled as compostable, there’s no guarantee that a compostable coffee cup will break down in your compost heap (it may do, but may take a year or more). Mixed recycling isn’t designed for compostable plastics like cups or food trays either, so the only real household waste option is to put these in with your general waste.”

This is correct. Compostable cups and other products (e.g. Which? magazine wrappers) may not break down quickly in home composting. Industrial composting, used to deal with garden and food waste, will do the job but my council and others does not permit them.

It would be good if Which? would push for standardisation of waste disposal services across the country.