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Take the Which? Conversation April Quiz

April has flown by, but how much of it do you remember? Test your knowledge in our monthly quiz!

it’s been another busy month all across Which?. We’ve covered the rules on shops and pubs reopening, guiding you through whether it’s safe to holiday, and continued our work to stamp out the scourge of scams to name just a few examples.

Want to put your knowledge to the test? Here are 10 questions based on the discussions here on Which? Conversation and the consumer news and guidance from all over which.co.uk

Last month only four people managed to get the top score. Good luck!

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How did you do? What stood out for you in April?

Let us know in the comments, and we hope that you have an enjoyable long Bank Holiday weekend!


Absolutely livid, !! They have used my name, oh! Raging raging, ! I am not Cecil the Caterpillar. This is outrageous Lol. !!!

As per usual I did not do very well:

:: I guessed wrongly about the current rule of six because I am not planning to meet up with any eight year old children.

:: I guessed wrongly about the cost of calling an 09 number because I’ve never been daft enough to call one and foot the bill.

:: I guessed wrongly about the number of catalytic converters that have been stolen, but I do know that it’s high time that the manufacturers fitted guards to prevent theft.

:: I forgot about the names of caterpillar cakes, even after posting about Marks & Spencer taking Aldi to task for copying the idea, seemingly oblivious to the fact that other supermarkets had done the same.

What was good about April:
A gradual return to normality, meeting up with friends in the garden and discussing consumer issues with someone outside the local micro-pub.