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When what ever it is that provides goods, services and the government wage and social bills fails to do so, then, what ever it is has run out. There has to be finite amount of this virtual wealth. Printing it doesn’t make it work unless it remains worth something when it comes off the press. Money has always been a promise to pay and otherwise is a worthless bit of paper. Someone, somewhere is keeping tabs on the bill we’ve racked up this last few months. Someone is owed that debt and, who ever it is, will want to know we can pay it back. If every country wrote off its debt international finance would collapse. There would be nothing to trade with. I always assume that it is the International Monetary Fund that provides the cash and asks for it back. They must be feeling quite poor at present but loving the interest payments that are accruing. I wonder where they get their money from?
Sooner of later we are going to feel the pinch and the current government is still paying out rather than getting it in. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we are not alone in our troubles. It also makes an interesting start for any Scottish breakaway. They would be doing it with empty sporrans and a share of the UK debt to service. Ms Sturgeon couldn’t wipe that off her new balance sheet.

Thought for today

When you’re happy, you enjoy the music more, but when you’re sad you understand the lyrics more.

One tooth less this morning, but in the process of getting to and from the dentist I discovered that it is much easier using the battery, to keep to the 20 limits that have sprung up everywhere, than second gear of a manual gear box. It is also easier to counter the raised potholes that the council keep building on the roads. I still miss my clutch pedal.
Now and then I take the trouble to translate foreign lyrics, Beryl, and wish I hadn’t. Somehow the words feel much better without their meanings being exposed. There’s a familiarity about them which translation destroys. “Il etait une Bergere” is a recent example, – and she kills her cat for eating the cheese! I wish I didn’t know that as I hum it along. It will never be the same again.

Sorry to hear about the tooth, Vynor. I envy young children who get new ones.

I also got two new ones today, but like the stars, they come out at night. My tooth fairy charges rent too!

Literal translation of Foreign phrases can often mean something quite different to the natives Vynor. I recall a french family who visited for a day some years ago. I cooked a traditional roast lamb dinner and sat next to the french father at the table who spoke hardly any English, and who proceeded to ramble on in french, getting more and more excited by the minute. Finally, as I couldn’t understand what he was talking about, in desperation I shouted “Doucement s’il vous plait,” much to the amusement of his wife and family. I later discovered that was not the most polite way to calm down a guest in France. Fortunately no offence was taken and a good time was had by all!

Your visit to the dentist has provided inspiration for tomorrow’s thought for today. Watch this space 😉

If a waiter says ‘avoirdupois’ he is probably asking if you would like some peas.

Watch this space is relevant to my visit to a new dentist (to me) yesterday. Covid and other excuses had delayed me making an appointment until toothache tipped the balance. I was expecting an emergency appointment to address that and do a check up, with further appointments to come for 3 known issues. Instead, the detached crown that caused the problem was cleaned and replaced, a false front tooth that had come unstuck was modified and refitted, a broken tooth was given a clean bill of health with no treatment necessary, a whole X-ray was taken together with a soft tissue examination that showed an excellent state of oral health.

An excellent experience.

I lost some teeth due to frostbite that caused infection in the upper gums.

You could say Occupe – toi de tes oignons

That reminds me – I must plant my shallots.