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Now back in the sane land of reliable internet. My previous two comments disappeared when I pushed the “post comment” button and the internet had silently failed. The screen faded and refused to reboot when the internet returned. One click of the mouse and the whole message vanished – twice in one day. I retyped one and gave up trying to reply to Wavechange and his virus comment.
The gist of that reply was that infections rely on people being close together and we have been closer together and more at risk, so cases have risen. Schools, by their very nature -lots of people in the same environment and then spreading into the community at home time – are a huge source of infection. Any football match or crowd event automatically raises numbers. It is hardly surprising that cases are high and will continue to climb. Vaccines will be like headache tablets, dulling the effect without removing it altogether. We have yet to stabilise our virus response so that we can accurately predict the change any intervention will make. That will happen when, like flu, the vaccines are altered so that they keep pace with the virus mutations and medicines can instantly tackle any infection effectively year in year out. While this is being worked on, we do need to consider ways of preventing virus spread as the chief way of keeping safe. As Ian points out, herd immunity may not even happen when the population has all had their boosters this winter.

Looking at the final comment above, it is not unknown for someone to mistype a number and push the send/ pay button without checking. Maybe in a hurry, or perhaps under pressure to do other things. I do hope that all banks will now make a check on name and number when processing payments for us. My suspicion of the internet leads me to fear that, even if I type things in correctly, someone, somewhere will try and hijack any on line payment. That, combined with decades of faultless and simple writing of cheques, and bank direct debits, has made me wonder why I need to change my banking, just because it is seen as old fashioned. I have made one bank transfer, of a considerable sum of money, and I did that over the bank counter with the help of the cashier who double checked everything with me. I dislike using my credit card for on line purchases, but, the convenience has been too much to resist. I’m still careful who I buy from on line. No one transfers money to me by bank transfer, except under the cover of the current account.

Nearly all my payment transfers are to a “person or organisation you have paid before”. Once the account name and details have been set up and a trial payment made all future payments to the same payee are relatively safe. They still require diligent attention but there is very little risk of the payment being misdirected.

However, the APP frauds and scams rely on people being persuaded, purportedly by the payee themselves in an e-mail message usually, that the payee’s customary payment details have been changed. Without double checking — because they trust the fraudulent source since it mimics the legitimate one — they initiate a payment to the new nominated account.

Despite the new protocol and the greater likelihood of reimbursement in the event of a payment diversion, it remains sensible for all users of the Faster Payment Service for transferring money (a) to make [and check] a trial payment when setting up a new payment authorisation, and (b) to always check direct with the intended recipient any request to change the destination of funds.

I’m sorry that I have innocently contributed to your anguish, Vynor.

Where possible I use copy and paste for account numbers and sort codes, in case I inadvertently transposed two numbers or simply hit the wrong key, I have carried on doing this even though I have the protection of CoP. My first financial activity online, many years ago, was to open an Egg savings account and the incentive was that my money would be protected. To this day, I still expect to be protected from money disappearing from accounts.

I believe that our government needs to emphasise the need to keep away from others as much as possible, particularly indoors, to reduce spread of the virus and not just rely on masks or washing your hands,

There have been plenty of comments and links on confirmation of payee that suggest rhe process was not as straightforward as some like to think. Certain banks did not have the ability to join phase 1 but will be able to join phase 2.
Which? were asked to have a contribution from the banks/PSR but as far as I know this was not done. That would have helped this CoP topic perhaps, to be a more informed debate.

There have been plenty of comments and links on confirmation of payee that suggest rhe process was not as straightforward as some like to think. Certain banks did not have the ability to join phase 1 but will be able to join phase 2.
Which? were asked to have a contribution from the banks/PSR but as far as I know this was not done. That would have helped this CoP topic perhaps, to be a more informed debate.

Thought for today

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

I second Wavechange’s final suggestion. Staff would be better off as well because the cost of housing and living generally is much lower in the provinces. For an organisation that trades on finding good value such a move should be a no-brainer!

I don’t claim any originality for this, John. It has been mentioned numerous times and hopefully someone will bring it up at the forthcoming AGM.

Would a dedicated topic on the ULEZ and its impacts/whether it could be replicated elsewhere in the country be of interest? Let me know if so and I’ll see what I can do……

Hi George – Please can we have a Conversation about low emission schemes. Clearly the extension of the London ULEZ is the current focus of attention but other schemes will follow as mentioned the article I posted a link to.

Yes. A few things on my list first today but I’ll do my best to get this sorted. We’ll then move these comments over from here into the new topic.

I didn’t feel too bad when I lived in London for forty years, but having come back to Norfolk I certainly notice the difference when I visit any major metropolitan area now. I no longer wish to go to London even though it means missing meetings with friends.

Norwich has a traffic pollution problem but they are banning vehicles from certain city centre routes and introducing low emission and electric buses. The good thing is that where we live about half a mile from the centre and on high ground the air seems to clear quite quickly once the clouds lift.