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Here’s what’s happening on Which? Conversation and around which.co.uk during the week of 19 July.

Welcome to another week on Which? Conversation on the day that almost all lockdown restrictions are removed in England, and Scotland moves to ‘Level 0’.

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Last week

Thank you to everyone who got involved with our latest Which? Conversation event on supermarkets – as always it was great to see questions and debate taking place with our expert.

The debate around wearing refurbished shoes also looks like it’s one that’ll run and run (sorry). You can still join in with that one here.

This week

It’s a busy one this week as we discuss the aforementioned reopening in England and Scotland. How do you feel about restrictions lifting? Let us know here.

We’ll also hear the latest from our Freedom to Pay campaign, discuss how to run your home efficiently, and keep on top of the latest scams.

Thursday is event day, with Alex, Phil and Emilie from our Which? Trusted Traders team joining us live from 2pm. Make sure you leave them a question in advance here.

At the polls

With the big news of the week being the further relaxation of restrictions, we’re asking how you’re feeling

Are you in favour of the relaxing of coronavirus restrictions from 19 July?
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What’s your week looking like?

How’s your week shaping up? What’s in the news that you’d like to discuss this week?

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What’s all this stuff about “lifting restrictions”? WHAT lifting of restrictions? There’s absolutely no such thing if you’re severely disabled like me with far more severe misophonia and extreme HEAT intolerance and you can’t stop absolutely DROWNING in absolutely APPALLING SWEAT! And for me it’s so bad that I cannot work, or even go out anywhere after early morning at the moment, because of the absolutely INSANE brutal frying HEAT, because of an absolutely appalling brutal crushing, crippling, and paralysing disorder, the like of which is never mentioned in the media and is virtually unknown and there is nothing but widespread outrageous contempt for such sufferers which MUST change for the better. And severe misophonia means I cannot go anywhere supposedly “social”, or go on holiday, or even the odd day trip, or live with anyone, or even visit anyone unless it’s somewhere I’m confident will be safe. And it means avoiding all supermarkets, especially those which insist on playing some dreadful excuse for so-called “music” every opening minute! It’s nothing but appalling entrapment 24/7. So the restrictions don’t end for anyone like me. Honestly all those moaning about lockdown don’t know they’re born, they moan about the government supposedly “taking their freedom away”, but they ARE totally free, they were BORN free without any appalling brutal torturing and life restricting disorders, so what are they moaning about? That they can’t go down the pub and start lurching into their raucous cackling fits? Well tough, they should get in touch with reality and try finding out more about folk like me and all the absolutely appalling conditions they’re forced to live with, ALL the time, not just during national emergencies. And they should try reading some of the stories in national geographic. In most cases at least they can still have a partner, and kids, and they can so easily watch whatever they want on their TV’s without a care in the world, there’s none of that for me. And they should thank the Lord up above that they’re not having to live in some dreadful brutal military dictatorship with rigidly enforced martial law all the time and no human rights but only all manner of appalling gross brutality and torture.