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Take the Which? Conversation January quiz

How much do you remember about the last month? Take the first of our monthly quizzes for 2021 and find out!

It’s been a busy month as always across Which?, but how closely have you been paying attention to the details?

Here are 10 questions from the month just gone, taken from here on Which? Conversation and around the organisation, to test your knowledge.

We’ll be putting these quizzes together every month in 2021, so let us know your score in the comments and we’ll keep an eye on the top performers come the end of the year!


Thanks for the questions, Jon.

“Which? research revealed that customers who are out of contract on their mobile phone could be overpaying as much as £100 a year.

Of those we surveyed, how many reported doing nothing when notified their mobile phone contract was ending?”

I read the article but did not pay attention to the percentage of customers who had been caught out, having avoided the problem by choosing sim-only rather than a phone contract, probably on the advice of Which? It would be good if Which? asked the regulator to stop consumers being cheated in this way.