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Merry Christmas 2021 from Which? Conversation

A very happy Christmas to everyone who’s contributed, visited and read the site this year. We hope you’re all able to enjoy your Christmas Day.

It’s always interesting to read back on previous years’ Christmas messages when putting together the next one, and this year the line ‘2021 looks set to be just as challenging’ stood out immediately.

The ongoing pandemic has brought more difficulties to those already faced and the cost of living has been soaring. A monumental effort has taken place to rollout vaccines across the country, which has now again stepped up as the Omicron variant of Covid-19 continues to rise.

All of these things bring challenges for consumers, and we’re pleased to say that Which? Conversation has again been there for all of them, especially the threat of emerging scams, such as those focusing on the vaccine itself, Covid passes and Omicron PCR tests.

New voices

We’ve welcomed guests to Which? Conversation from a variety of different consumer spheres this year, including the Humane Society International/UK, NHS Counter Fraud Authority, Citizens Advice, Consumers International, Electrical Safety First and many more.

While crucially, we’ve also hosted guest contributions directly from consumers, whether it’s victims of scams, leaseholders dealing with the cladding scandal or parents discussing sustainability tips, we’ve been here to hear their voices.

Our scam warnings have also gone from strength to strength, resulting in a record number of views of our Which? Conversation articles – a wonderful achievement.

Thank you

None of this could be possible without the contributions of everyone who comments here – thank you to the regulars, and those who only drop in occasionally. We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and hope you’re enjoying your day despite the challenges 2021 has brought.

And if you’re after something to do – have a go at our Christmas quiz!

Thank you, as always, for your support.

George, Jon and Chirag.


What’s all this “merry Christmas”? Merry my butt! I’ve only had my Christmas utterly destroyed so far as I continue struggling to install my central heating, somehow my steel tape measure stupidly got itself stuck in a gap in the floor and then somehow got pulled tight against my finger and sliced it wide open almost to the bone, and then today, Christmas day, I took a few floorboards up in my bathroom to install more pipes only to be wrenched right off my balance, something which constantly happens to me at home, which absolutely enrages me and then my left foot went right through my kitchen ceiling! So now I’ve got that to fix as well as far too much other overwhelming workload.

You should have sent for SantaFlaus for help Crusader!

Still awaiting my Christmas delivery from Hermes who informed me on 23rd December that my package is ‘delayed.’ Not a word since and neither have I had any update from The House of Fraser. I appreciate that the Christmas period is hectic but why would The H O Fraser offer early delivery at a cost of £7.99 when they cannot fulfill this promise?
Its now the 30th of December and I paid for the goods on 22nd December. These were intended gifts, just to add insult to injury.
My additional gripe is that neither companies are contactable other than via virtual assistants. My emails receive standard automated responses. Poor customer service indeed.