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Merry Christmas from the Which? Convo team

A very happy Christmas to everyone who’s read and been involved with Which? Conversation this year. We hope you have a brilliant day.

Hello and Merry Christmas to all our readers, regulars and contributors this Christmas Day.

Abby, Jon and I would just like to pop in quickly to wish you all the best this year, and thank you for your contributions, dedication and passion for a wealth of consumer issues throughout the year.

To say it’s been a busy one would be an understatement; we’ve seen more than 3,000 contributions to The Lobby (and that’s just its second incarnation!), thousands more supporting our campaigns, and millions of visitors to Which? Conversation over the course of the year.

We’re also proud of the millions of people who have read, shared and commented on our scam warnings this year, which have helped many identify fraud before it’s too late.

Whether you’re a Which? member, regular visitor/reader or just casually check in now and then, we hope you’re having a great Christmas and wish you well in the new year.

As a wise man once said, a community cannot exist without its people.

Thank you for all your support throughout the year. Merry Christmas.

George, Abby and Jon.


And mine to you all, what ever you might get up to today. We all deserve a good Christmas after the stresses of the past year. I raise a virtual glass and make a virtual toast to Which Conversation and all who dwell within. May the New Year sparkle with wit and wisdom guided by your ever present care.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Whatever you are doing today I wish you all peace and contentment.

We have the beast in the oven, the carpet is covered in lego and I’ve started on a blanket with the yarn I got!

Yes indeed. Merry Christmas everyone 😀

Snazzy jumpers! I can’t compete with them.

May you all have a fantastic festive furlough.

A few months ago I thought we were a dwindling band but things have perked up recently, so a warm and grateful welcome to all new regulars and occasionalists.

Echo Vynor’s words – except my glass is real with a 2011 Claret to join the rib.

“and millions of visitors to Which? Conversation over the course of the year.”

Cough – if you really meant this leave it – and delete this post. If, as I suspect, you meant millions of visits, a subtle edit worthwhile – and still delete this post!

http://www.which.net to make sure this gets moderated – and then deleted!

Happy Christmas to all. It’s a lovely sunny day here, some bulbs showing above earth, the new pond is holding water, and Santa came.

Apologies for absence. All the very best to the team and to the familiar faces round here.


Just going out to meet a few friends and then back home to see in New Year. All the best for 2002.