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Are you managing to keep your hair in check?

Of all the issues to come out of the coronavirus crisis, this is definitely one of the lighter ones! How are you maintaining your hair in lockdown?

With barbers and hair salons having been following the government advice to close for some time now, it has led to one of the lighter issues of the current situation – should you brave the self-hair cut?

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We got the answer to that from one of our team members pretty much immediately when Harry logged on to our team meeting with a new look. He’s definitely in it for the long-haul:

All his own work, of course. As for me, I’ve been happily living with my hair scrunched into a messy bun day in and day out. 

It’s been interesting to see what friends and colleagues have been doing – especially for those with shorter hair who are unable to keep it as well-maintained as before.

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It does seem to be an issue on the minds of a fair few people, with the BBC even reporting on an ‘underground network of hairdressers‘ last week.

A few close shaves

Some colleagues here at Which? have decided to shave their hair, or their family members/ flatmates’ hair. Some, such as Tobias, have done it to raise funds for NHS charities, which is a wonderful idea:

I have braved the shave! I have chosen to shave my head for NHS charities. This challenge was set up by my best mate and the challenge has even managed to get some big England Rugby stars to take part. We are at almost £25,000 with a target of £100,000.’

While others are taking the opportunity to grow theirs out or simply wait until someone competent can take the scissors! Here’s how the Which? Conversation team is getting on:

Jon – good, tidy work. George – time to consider some maintenance.

Meanwhile, my social media has been filled with images and videos or people who have had their hair cut by family members or have even been brave enough to cut it themselves.

It seems highly likely that once travel restrictions are over and businesses can be open, there’ll be a few lengthy queues for the hairdressers and salons!

What are you doing with your hair during this time? Have you been cutting it yourself or letting it grow? 


The last time I visited shops was in mid-March, when I had my hair cut, collected a prescription and two cans of paint for the garage doors. My hair does not grow very fast these days, so I’ve not been concerned about having it cut. The usual signal for action is when my fringe keeps falling over my forehead and I sometimes trim that myself.

I was lucky enough to have a haircut a couple of weeks before the lockdown but it is now starting to get shaggy around the collar at the back and it’s getting thick and thatchy on the top and sides. Normally I would have had a further cut by now and I have been wondering when the barbers and hairdressers would be able to open again. I think womenfolk can get away with longer hair and seem more creative in dealing with it.

I did explore the possibility of getting a pair of hair cutting scissors and an electric trimmer but the prices had spiked [of course] and neither of us was confident of being able to do a decent job. If I had a wig to wear when going out I would not be averse to a complete shave.

There are risks with having a haircut now because you have to be close to the hairdresser. I just hope when they do reopen that they will not indulge the precious adolescents with their fancy styles and treatments that take so long to administer. I can be in and out within ten minutes. One good thing for men is that there has been an explosion in the number of barber shops in the last year or two so there should be enough capacity to get back on track fairly quickly.

I went to the local barber shop last week expecting to have to hang around outside until the gilded youth had had their overgrown coiffures addressed, but was able to go straight in and have a haircut. There was quite a bit of thatch to remove from my silvery locks and after some serious shearing with just a pair of scissors I emerged suitably shorn in time for the summer weather. It was the best haircut I have had in a long time.

During the lockdown the saloon had had a complete comb-over with new décor and stylish furniture, all done to the latest cutting-edge designs.

I’ve used the trimmer on my razor for a quick trim of the sides, but since I don’t have eyes in the back of my head, I’ve left that alone. There will be one big queue for hair care when shops re-open, so I doubt that I shall have a cut this side of July. For once, no one is going to notice.

Em says:
9 May 2020

A must-have accessory during lockdown is a wide Alice hairband with earphones, similar to the one you are wearing in your profile pic, Grace. This keeps your hair in place and headphones are such a common sight these days, no one would think it looks at all odd.

However, my new design would incorporate a pleated face mask that folds into the hairband, similar to an electrically operated soft-top convertible car hood. When linked by Bluetooth to your mobile, not only can you listen to cool music wherever you go, but the NHS Covid-19 App could automatically deploy the face mask whenever you come within range of a suspected virus transmitter.

No need to keep anxiously checking your phone, touch your hair, face or mask. I’m sure many of the top celebs and online influencers will be seen wearing these, as soon as word gets out.

I’m very close now to getting the scissors out and attacking the fringe. I’ve managed to move it to the side in that photo but it’s very much in my eyes!

Apart from a quick trim around the ears I’ve avoided the scissors so far. I bit like George; I’ve moved my hair to the side but I’m preferring having more length.

Love the photographs!

I haven’t done anything to my hair, letting it grow for now. Can’t wait to go to the hairdressers though!

An Alice hairband also keeps the pollen in your hair entering your eyes which can cause allergic conjunctivitis in some people.

I always cut my own hair so not a problem for me. Hey guys! I love men with long hair 🙂 If you are fortunate enough to keep your own hair and not go bald – let it be. I think men with shaven scalps who resemble convicts on probation are a bit off putting 🙁

Richard says:
14 May 2020

My wife ordered a pair of scissors from the internet which were delivered promptly ,watched a tutorial on youtube and then set to on my hair. She did a very acceptable attempt on my hair

Claire says:
15 May 2020

My last hair cut and colouring was in January prior to a long holiday. Luckily I have a very simple style if you can call it that. It has been growing ever since and is the longest now since my twenties and sadly the grey is becoming much more visible. I am not sure how going to the hairdresser will be safe as I won’t be able to wear my mask as it goes right round my head and hair! In the meantime I have been cutting my husband’s hair with a pair of sewing scissors.

jenny m says:
15 May 2020

Not been able to visit the hairdresser since February, cut my own fringe, but hair growing quite long now, the grey is a problem!! Ordered hair colour on line from Superdrug -brilliant service arrived within a few days. Going to have a go at colouring my hair tomorrow after having done the allergy test

Nothing wrong with grey (silver?), Jenny. 🙂
Whatever happened to those Grecian 2000 ads on tv?

It’s now five months since I last went into a shop but decided but took the plunge this morning and have my hair cut. £20, but they insisted on washing my hair first to deal with any virus present.

Hope the barbers was hair condtioned. Been too hot today.

I have a young cleaner comes every couple of weeks to keep the house looking nice. She is a hairdresser as well so I get a shear every 4 weeks to keep me tidy. I used to put off going to the barbers until I got shaggy; don’t really know why but this is far more convenient.

Our town was pleasantly air conditioned, with the temperature not exceeding 20°C. I had to wander around for half an hour because only one customer was allowed in the shop at a time. It’s due to get warmer during the rest of the week so I’m glad that I’ve taken action.

I decided to take the risk of having my hair cut and see it is nine months since it last received professional attention. Compared with the previous bill of £20 it was a snip at £6.50. The cut price might have something to do with the fact that the job was done by a trainee under supervision. It’s not the best haircut I’ve had but it’s good to have lost the unkempt Boris Johnson look.