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Which? Trusted Trader of the Year 2021: our story

This year’s winner of our Which? Trusted Trader of the Year award, Finesse Windows, explains to our community what winning means to their business.

This is a guest post by Russell Bridge. All views expressed are Russell’s own and not necessarily shared by Which?.

Finesse Windows Ltd is my family’s life’s work. I care deeply about its success and reputation and want every member of staff and every customer to feel that unique sense of dealing with a truly customer focused family business. I’m sure that lots of traders can relate to this notion.

My father, David Bridge, created the business out of sheer hard work and a dash of entrepreneurial flair back in 1981. Unfortunately he passed away in 2007 and since then it’s fallen upon myself and my sister, Ellie, to take on the day-to-day responsibility of continuing to grow and craft the business, and to look after our staff and customers ever since. We are immensely proud to see that our efforts and that of our staff are being valued and recognised. 

A family business

My early years of employment after university were spent in Marketing in completely different industries, whereas Ellie’s were spent back in school as a teacher and deputy head. We’ve been able to bring these different skillsets together and offer perspectives that we wouldn’t have had if we’d always done the same thing.

We’re fortunate that we genuinely get on well and have managed to forge a strong working relationship. Both Ellie and I are are now parents, and we’ve always said that being able to build a family business with longevity that bridges the gap between our parents and their grandchildren would be an enormous achievement.

If we can continue to succeed in a tough market place throughout the decades and be in a position to pass the business on to family members one day in the future, we would consider this to be a worthy lifetime achievement. Personally this is the goal that gets me up in the morning and keeps me striving for more and more success. 

As a company we have always aimed to be the opposite of what you might expect a ‘typical double glazing company’ to be. We reject all forms of pressure selling, we go out of our way to be as attentive, accommodating and exceptional in everything we do. This is true for all contracts we undertake, but is also true of the charity and community work we love to be involved with.

In any given year we can be found raising money for charities such as MNDA, Birmingham University Hospital Trust, supporting and donating to local community centres and schools. We believe in giving back to the local community that has always supported us through the decades. It’s a natural extension of who we are as a family business.

Which? Trusted Trader of the Year

The Which? Trusted Trader of the year award for 2021 is the ultimate accolade in our eyes. I’m sure my Dad is looking down feeling immensely proud of the achievement we made this year – which he laid the foundations for all those decades ago.

I’d like to thank the team at Which? Trusted Traders for our latest accolade, especially Issy Player, who is our dedicated account manager. The support from the team has been invaluable – even more so over the last couple of extremely challenging years.

And above all I’d like to pay tribute and say thanks to our magnificent staff – without whom our business simply wouldn’t exist. 

This was a guest post by Russell Bridge. All views expressed were Russell’s own and not necessarily shared by Which?.

Thank you to Russell for sharing the story of Finesse Windows with Which? Conversation – the third Which? Trusted Trader of the year to feature as a guest author.

We’ll continue to hear from the winners of this award every year – please do join us in congratulating the team, and let us know your experiences of brilliant service from smaller businesses in the comments.


Thank you Russell for sharing your story. It’s such a pleasure working with you and all of the team. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2022 has in store for Finesse Windows 🙂

Amazing work Russell. Great to see the Finesse Windows so well recognised, and deservedly so. Congratulations!

Melanie says:
13 January 2022

Such a wonderful achievement. Congratulations to all those involved.

what is the likely carbon contribution from the weekly shop given most fruit and veg is wrapped in plastic?