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Have five minutes to spare?  We want to hear more about how you’re engaging with Which? Conversation and other community spaces online.

We’re excited to bring you our first Community survey for Which? Conversation.

We’re running surveys across Which? Conversation, the Which? Members Club and Gardening Group on Facebook.  Each channel will have a unique survey which, while similar in nature, is specific for the channel it appears in.  

In other words, if you’re a community member in all three spaces, we’d encourage you to do the survey for each group, as that’ll help us improve each group, as well as the connections between them.

This survey will be open until the end of November, so be quick!

Help us understand

With this survey project we’re keen to understand what brings people to each of these spaces and what they hope to get out of them, as well as a more broad picture of how people are engaging with Which? online.  

We’re also keen to know where you are in the UK (or if you’re elsewhere in the world). Our aim is to be on the side of all consumers in the UK, wherever you are, so understanding where you are a good place to start!

Feedback always welcome

This survey is a great opportunity to share your thoughts and views about Which? Conversation and our other online spaces, but it’s not the only way. 

New ideas in our ideas lounge, conversation starters in Off-Topic, membership conversations in the Members area, or indeed comments anywhere on the site we read every one of these (yes, every one). 

For Which? Conversation, we’ll combine your responses from this platform with what you share in the survey.  This will help us shape the future direction both of Which? Conversation, and of our community spaces generally across Which?. 

If you have any questions or comments about the survey, please feel free to ask in the comments below.


The W? members group appears limited to Facebook, the organisation whose monetisation of members and utter disregard for their privacy is well recorded. It strikes me this is something Which? should have no part of.

I tend to agree with that. I do have a Facebook account, because it allows me to keep in touch with close family and friends when they post there. But I keep a separate segregated PC for Facebook and I won’t allow any of their software onto any of my main devices.

That said, now that Facebook is a thing, should Which? be completely ignoring as a media platform, when there are campaigns to be done?

I see an awful lot of disinformation being propagated via Facebook. Can that be countered by also publishing light and truth there, or is the platform beyond redemption?

Which? do post a lot of myth busting things on FB. I think that is the biggest reason for them to be on there – to be the voice of reason in a sea of nonsense.

People use FB. A lot. I think it would be remiss of Which? not to have a presence on there.

Well, males aged between 18 and 34 form the majority, but the UK as a whole has far fewer than you might imagine.

But it’s how FB operates in general that leaves me questioning if W? should have any part of it.

“Zuckerberg built a website called “Facemash” in 2003 while attending Harvard University. The site was comparable to Hot or Not and used “photos compiled from the online face books of nine Houses, placing two next to each other at a time and asking users to choose the “hotter” person”.[17] Facemash attracted 450 visitors and 22,000 photo-views in its first four hours.[18] The site was sent to several campus group listservs, but was shut down a few days later by Harvard administration. Zuckerberg faced expulsion and was charged with breaching security, violating copyrights and violating individual privacy.”

So he started as he’s continued. He apparently stole the original idea from three Harvard seniors, who sued him for several millions – and won.

I’ve lost count of the numerous times FB has ‘promised’ to do something, then failed and explained it was ‘a technical hitch’. It’s only very reluctantly agreed to take any action at all against purveyors of hate speech, And some of what it has done is laughable.

“Facebook has ordered the end to an academic monitoring project that has repeatedly exposed failures by the internet giant to clearly label political advertising on its platform. The social media goliath informed New York University (NYU) that research by its Tandon School of Engineering’s Online Transparency Project’s Ad Observatory violates Facebook’s terms of service on bulk data collection and demanded it end the program immediately.” The justification? It was on ‘privacy grounds’.

It took FB until October this year to take a stand against Holocaust deniers.

So I see any participation with FB as dancing with the devil. That tends not to end well.

I recently learned of a couple of people around 30 years old whose lives revolve around fakebook.

They believe Covid is a government conspiracy to control us and all the figures are made up. They also believe the government will force their way into our homes to vaccinate us.

They both had Covid before anyone else in the country so they are immune. Whether their ‘immunity’ is the reason or not I don’t know, but they refuse to wear face masks.

This is the sort of fake news and garbage they get from fakebook and are unlikely to see any truthful facts on the likes of Which?

I guess this Convo isn’t aimed at those who visit Convo on a daily basis. I have been looking at the ‘Which? Members Club’ on Facebook. It’s here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/whichmembersclub Although I’m not intending to post there I have seen several posts by Which? staff and found a few interesting discussions. Not surprisingly, some of the posts are looking for advice on making purchases – something that we have never explored on Convo. I noticed that our Lauren was inviting input on a particular topic.

I don’t feel that it would be right in 2020 for Which? to ignore Facebook as a means of communication, though I am not keen on the company. If I had my way, no company or other organisation would be allowed to even put cookies on our computers. Thankfully there seems to be no advertising on this or any of the small number of Facebook pages I visit.

I cannot complete the survey as I am not currently a member of the Which? Members Club on FB so cannot answer questions about it and cannot proceed with the survey. Nor do I particularly want to use Facebook.

To clear something up. Is there are Which? Conversation that is only open to subscribing members? I do not recall being asked for a membership number to join one – for example “Help us shape the future of Which?”. Nor to have to log in as a member to access it. Maybe I’ve overlooked something.

Question 2 of the above survey is:
Who were you most interested in engaging with when you joined the Facebook Members club?

This is why I abandoned the survey. I will revisit it tomorrow.

As with Malcolm I don’t have a Facebook account and don’t want one. Here you have created a specialist site for members only. In doing this you put barriers round it and exclude non-members from entering or reading any content. I have no personal complaint about this. If you want an exclusive site, that’s up to you. Chat among yourselves and enjoy the company. If you ever want to share your deliberations then you have to go public with them. Until you do, I’ll carry on posting on this site and let you get on with it.

I have nothing to add to Malcolm’s and Vynor’s comments on the survey.

I share Wavechange’s and Derek’s view on the inclusion of the Facebook community in Which?’s outreach.

I am confuddled. 😖

The above survey asks about the Which Members Club.

I have a fake Fakebook account with a different email address for the few occasions it is the only way of getting information.

I tried to access the members club so logged into Fakebook and was asked my membership number. Funny, at the bottom of the pop-up it says Do not enter your password or other sensitive information here, even if you’re asked to by the The Which? members club admins. DOH!!!

This is the first time I have heard of this members club that was created a year ago. Who is it for and who are the 9.5K members? Are they all subscribers to which? It seems odd that 9.5K people would sign up there but very few here on the convos.

AFAIK, there is a public Which? on Fakebook, a private Which? on Fakebook, the convos and Twitter. Are they all attended regularly by Which? staff, or is that a problem and none of them get full attention.

edited . . . .

I see Jon has posted since I started writing this post.

I have never been clear what ” a Which? member” means. I am just a Which? magazine subscriber but sometimes get the impression I am included in that category.

As far as I know you are an Associate Member with AGM voting rights. You can easily become an Ordinary Member (50p at risk if CA fails though). I’m not really sure what advantage that gives but as I repeat from time to time I believe Ordinary Members become such as they show an interest in the affairs of the CA and should be able to have some say in how it operates. However, in practice I’d think any subscriber after a year should be able to have some say – if Which? ever live up to their promise of engaging with its membership.

This sort of discussion, and mild criticism, is exactly why I would like to see a Convo restricted to (all) members only so “frank and full” discussions can be held between the CA and its membership rather than in public view.

Thanks, Malcolm. I am quite content to remain in my present status.