Want to take your smartphone for a swim?

Waterproof phone

When you use precious gadgets around water, it’s easy to get a bit nervy. One spill in the kitchen while you’re following a recipe app could mean a watery grave for your beloved smartphone. Soon this could all change.


Time for hospital food to get better

Three apples, with a plaster on one

Sustain’s Campaign for Better Hospital Food wants mandatory standards for patient meals in England. In this guest post, Alex Jackson from Sustain explains why voluntary measures are not working.


Do you know what your energy bills pay for?

Blue light bulb

I’m sure you’ll have heard about the latest announcement from British Gas today. The company posted an 11% rise in profits on its residential supply business. But I’m not here to bash British Gas for making money…


The power of the celebrity chef

Little girl playing at being a chef

Loyd Grossman is the latest celebrity chef to do his bit for improving our food habits. Do you think that celebrities provide useful support for food initiatives and can help us make healthy choices?