Has the shirt had its day?

Men's shirts - Which? magazine 1974

You might be surprised to hear that Which? used to test shirts. They were so essential that we planned user tests of ‘drip-dry shirts’ for our very first magazine. Does a crisp white shirt still have its place in the office?


What should you ask your future landlord?

Question mark on house

If you’re among the rapidly rising number of tenants in the UK, you’ll probably have your own list of essential questions to ask your next landlord. So, what do you ask before signing on the dotted line?


Do you keep cash in your couch cushions?

Money under the mattress

Across the UK, we’ve got around £320m in loose change just hanging round the house. But how much money do we have stored up in loyalty schemes, foreign currency, gift vouchers, rail vouchers… the list goes on!


Is your appliance lying to you?

Washing machine timer

Time remaining displays on washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers can help you plan your day around your chores. But what if the predicted time differs from the actual length of the cycle?