Are your holidays inspired by the big screen?

James Bond destination in Thailand

This weekend I went to the cinema to see Skyfall, James Bond’s 23rd movie. It’s a classic Bond film with plenty of high-speed chases, a menacing villain, a heap of cool gadgets – and stunning destinations…


Are you motivated by diet and exercise apps?

Man running and using smartphone

You can download all sorts of health apps these days, from those that help you exercise to others that monitor your diet. We’re currently testing some of the most popular ones – have you given any a go?


Sorry, you were out and here’s the bill

Padlock with mail written on it

Sorry can be the hardest word – and it’s a damn sight harder when there’s a bill attached. I’m a bit peeved by a delivery company that only delivers while I’m at work, meaning I have to pay for to get it delivered when I’m in.


Do you celebrate Halloween or Bonfire Night?

I don’t want to sound like a wicked old witch, but I do let out a small sigh of cynicism when Halloween rolls around. So as Halloween celebrations catch on in the UK, will you be joining in the fiendish festivities?