Men: know your shopping limits

man in supermarket

Are you a man? Are you rubbish at food shopping? A supermarket in New York has decided that you are, so it’s put all the ‘man items’ in one aisle. Excuse me while I step out of my pigeonhole and on to my soapbox…


Whiplash after a crash? Don’t always take the cash!

Fifty pound notes on a fish hook

A car crash can be pretty traumatic. But what if it wasn’t your fault, and the other party’s insurer not only acknowledges this, but offers you a pay-out for any injuries you’ve suffered? It’s not always the good deal it seems…


On your marks… get set… Golympics!

runner at starting blocks

Although some events have already begun, tonight’s opening ceremony marks the true start of the Olympics. So will you be embracing the Games, or hiding behind the sofa? I asked staff at Which? HQ…


Should small print be in plain English?

Man looking through magnifying glass

Ever been caught out by small print? It’s not rare, as our Fixed Means Fixed campaign proves. New proposals suggest you should be allowed to challenge unfair terms if they’re not transparent and prominent.


Should all GPs offer extended opening hours?

An ill girl on the phone

If like me and Dolly, you work nine to five to make a livin’, how easy is it for you to get an appointment with your GP out of work hours? And I don’t mean emergency appointments, but routine visits like medication reviews.