Is the iPad 4G really 4G? Maybe not in the UK

Apple logo on iPad

If the new iPad won’t support 4G LTE mobile networks in the UK when they launch, how can Apple call it the iPad with 4G? We decided to investigate and although it’s not as simple as it sounds, Apple could be in hot water.


Who’s responsible for tackling obesity?

large lady with burger

I recently discussed the government’s plans to trim down obesity. Many felt that we should take more responsibility for what we eat. So, is the government, industry or the hungry public ultimately responsible?


Do you use the ‘dirty’ word complain?

line of people

You hear the stat 9,000 per day and what do you think? Number of children skipping school, number of people offered jobs or even the number of  Which? Convo comments. Sadly, the answer is bank complaints.