Time to get together and start group buying?

Lots of stick people with a shopping trolley

One way to unlock better value is to buy together, as many consumers are now realising. Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, looks at the best co-operative buying schemes and how can we encourage more.


Is brown really the next big car colour?

Brown SsanTong XIV-1 concept car

When it comes to selecting car colour, brown is firmly at the bottom of my check list. But it appears manufacturers are pushing cocoa-coloured cars as the next fashion trend to take over from white. Are you sold?


Are Korean cars finally desirable?

New Hyundai i30

It’s no secret that Korean cars from Hyundai and Kia have come on in leaps and bounds. But, not only are they now among the best value cars on the market, they’re also pretty dashing. Is it enough to catch your eye?


Throw charity credit cards a lifeline


Two banks have announced plans to scrap their charity credit cards. They may not perform brilliantly for charities but it’s a real shame that the opportunity to improve their potential has been lost.