This week in comments – Tesco, iPhone and HP

Tesco trolleys

Tesco’s changing its special offers, HP’s changing its recipes and Apple is (hopefully) changing its iPhone – otherwise we’ll all be buying it blindly for no reason. Here’s what you’ve had to say on all this and more…


New rules for chuggers – less hassle for us?

Unicef Fundraiser talking to people on street

Fines will soon be issued to pushy charity collectors who follow you or get in your way. But will this encourage them to be less pushy? And why aren’t they armed with information about the charities they’re fundraising for?


Why are we still underwhelmed by 3D cinema?

People wearing 3D glasses looking bored at cinema

How was your last 3D cinema experience? I can’t say I enjoyed mine, thanks to the heavy glasses. With only one in five saying that 3D improves the cinema experience, what needs to be done to win audiences over?