Are car scratch removers up to… scratch?

Scratched toy cars

How effective are scratch removers? Their name suggests they’re filled with miracle potions, but what can you realistically expect to achieve from scratch removers when you want to get rid of the scuffs from your car?


Is the smart meter roll-out a good idea?

First Utility smart meter

When we launched our smart meter challenge, we were surprised by how many said they didn’t want one at all. And although we support the roll-out, we’re working hard to tackle the issues that could be bad for consumers.


Apple must act now over its ‘iTunes hack’

Bitten Apples

The success of Apple’s App Store could soon hit a bump. iPhone users are allegedly in danger of a scam that’s cost them dear. The worst bit? Not only is Apple aware of this, it doesn’t seem willing to take direct action.