Get married, change name, lose credit rating

Couple getting married

The new Mrs Windsor may not realise it, but there’s a lot of paperwork to complete after changing your name. You could even lose your credit rating – so how can you keep control when you go from Miss to Mrs?


Are you buying in to Royal Wedding tat?

Royal Wedding memorabilia

Are you sick of the Royal Wedding yet or are you celebrating in style with Union Jack-themed parties? There’s no end to the Royal Wedding ‘tat’ you can buy to commemorate the big day – here’s my collection of the best.


Why I’m smug about being a non-driver

Traffic jam

Did you drive home for Easter? No doubt it was gridlock, with many starting an 11-day break. And then motorists have to pay excessive fuel costs and wallet-breaking insurance – I sure am happy not to be a driver.


Are you a drilling disaster or a DIY demon?

Drill bits

What is it with Brits, bank holidays and DIY? Half of us are scared of do-it-yourself, yet over the Easter and royal wedding weekends, millions of us will strap on our tool-belts and trek to the local DIY store to stock up.