The ‘local’ lies on our food labels

Local vegetables in a shop

How often do you buy food based on where it comes from? Many of us take a cursory glance at the label before adding it to the trolley, but it could all be in vain if recent research is anything to go by.


iPad 2 – there’s nothing to see here but hype

Apple event advertisement

When and why did we start trying to second guess new products months before launch? The never-ending circle of hype centred on Apple only offers fuel for journalists to keep the flames of consumer interest burning.


The Convo top ten – chatterbox edition

Chattering parrots

What a week of colossal activity on Which? Conversation. We’ve enjoyed an influx of over 450 comments in the past seven days, with organic veg, rip-off surcharges and British Gas profits all getting a look in.


Green cars good, green names bad

BMW 'i' eco brand

BMW revealed earlier this week that it is to set up a new sub-brand specifically for electric and hybrid cars. But are these new awkward eco names really necessary?