It could be the end for hotel star ratings

Hotel sign with stars above it

Change is afoot when it comes to the star ratings system for hotels, and they could disappear altogether. Should we be worried – or have they already lost their place to the world of online consumer reviews?


The Convo top ten – who do you trust?

Child holding hands with an adult

It’s been a week of Conversations about trust, from who owns ethical food brands to what’s in your bacon and whether travel companies and energy suppliers can be trusted to give us the right information.


Are you in control of your digital identity?

Eye, hand and computer

Do you ever feel as though your digital identity has run off without you? Today’s European Data Protection Day, so maybe it’s time to take control – or are you happy to leave identity breadcrumbs all over the internet?


There’s not just bacon in your bacon

Bacon frying in oil

Bacon is a bit of a British passion. It’s brown sauce’s best friend, and features in both the fry-up and bacon butty. But have you ever seen it leak white and watery mush? It’s all down to added water…


Are energy-saving light bulbs too cheap?

Energy-saving light bulb

Light bulbs are in the news again and it looks like their cost is about to rise. So should we all be rushing to snap up those ‘three for a pound’ deals while we still can – or does it pay to be more discerning?