The Convo top ten – the best of the year

Plasticine people getting medals

As it’s the end of the year, and a time to reflect, we’re bringing you a special edition this week with ten of our best-ever Conversations. If you missed them first time around, here’s your excuse to get involved now!


Our worst cars of 2010

Road sign saying 'disaster'

As we near 2011, the Which? Car team has been reflecting on the last 12 months, thinking about the cars that left us less-than-impressed in 2010. Here’s what we think – do you agree or do you have another contender?


The top technology successes of 2010

2010 text in lights

As we come to the end of 2010, it’s time to reminisce over the best technology from the year that was. The Which? Tech team has joined us to run down their technology highlights, featuring the iPad and Xbox Kinect.


Are massive mark-ups on used video games fair?

Man playing video game

If you’ve ever tried to sell on a video game to a high street store, you may have been disappointed by the price offered. Our recent investigation backs-up that feeling, adding huge used game mark-ups to the equation.


The top technology disappointments of 2010

Old fashioned TV with 2010 text

We’ve had a cracker of a year for tech, but there’s also been some duds and disappointments dampening 2010’s technology darlings. The Which? Tech team has decided to run down their biggest disappointments of 2010.


You say: cheques should be here to stay

A cheque being handed over

When we started a Conversation asking, ‘Do you want to save the cheque?’ you spoke up in great numbers. But we weren’t prepared for such a resounding response. The cheque, most of you agree, should stay.


Nothing to open on digital Christmas

Computer keyboard with Christmas key

Did you have fewer Christmas presents under your tree this year? It seemed that way in the Stevens’ household. Not because we’ve all turned a bit Ebenezer Scrooge, more that this year was an eChristmas.


Why only eat turkeys at Christmas?

Roast turkey in oven

Ah, the good old Christmas turkey. Just one could feed an army. But with many of us overcooking them into frazzled dry hunks of flesh today, why don’t more of us banish the turkey and tuck into something else?


How do you think we should test products?

Man putting his arm in box of mosquitoes

From fake bums to bird poo, we use some funny testing methods here at Which? To mark our new ad campaign, we’re rounding up some of the unexpected tests we use – and challenging you to think of new ones.