Do you trust online travel reviews?

Thumb votes on computer keyboard

Should travel review sites be censoring their user-generated reviews to avoid the risk of getting sued? It might help their bank balance, but it wouldn’t help holidaymakers relying on them for honest opinions.


Stop cluttering our streets with traffic lights

Traffic lights against cloudy sky

Transport for London (TfL) has angered safety campaigners with its proposal to remove 145 sets of traffic lights across the capital. But de-cluttering our streets can actually cut congestion and save lives.


Can we trust health claims on food?

Green tea in a mug

Do you trust claims like, ‘this green tea is good for blood pressure’ when you’re shopping? Or how about, ‘contains calcium for stronger bones?’ If you do, maybe you should think twice before buying from now on.


Banks are giving offline customers a bum deal

Woman using cheque book in bank

If you’re not connected to the net, or just don’t like banking online, you’re not only missing out on the best interest rates, you’re getting a bum deal on travel insurance. Should the same deals be offered on the high street?


Is home testing good for your health?

Man using heart monitor

With more ways than ever to take responsibility for our own health, is this a lifestyle change we should all be making – or a fad best forgotten? Will you be embracing the home health test trend?


Has Microsoft turned a corner?

Microsoft stand at Expo

It’s all too easy to slag off Microsoft, especially if you’re running Windows Vista. But have things changed recently? Windows Phone 7, Internet Explorer 9, Xbox Kinect… Microsoft looks like it might be on a roll.