Soon we’ll all watch our TV online

Man selecting TV programs

As online video consumption continues to rise, it’s likely most of us will soon get our telly fix over the internet. A trend that’ll be further influenced by the promise of internet enabled TVs.


Will you buy a 3D TV?

Woman wearing 3D glasses and eating popcorn

We’ve all been ogling 3D movies at the cinema. Avatar broke box-office records, but it looks like consumers are happier to spend a tenner on the 3D experience than shell out a grand for it in their living room.


Is this the end of physical formats?

DVD burning in flames

Since humankind first scribbled on cave walls there’s been countless ways to document information. But with the advent of MP3s, GPS and ‘the cloud’ could we be saying our last farewell to physical formats?


Libraries – use them or lose them

Library shelf

With few of us using them regularly and the government looking to make major spending cuts, more and more libraries are under threat of closure. So how can we save the library?


We’re all being misled by food labels

Woman shopping for juice

Ok, so saying that not everything you read on food packaging is what it seems is a bit like stating Britain’s weather is changeable. But do you actually know what all the food jargon and weasel words mean?