Is Panasonic your most-loved technology brand?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 11 July 2011
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Our latest Which? satisfaction survey found that Panasonic was the number one rated technology brand in almost every high tech product category. Do you agree? Or is there another technology brand you prefer?

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With so much consumer choice available, many of us like to stick to the brands we know and love. And a recent survey of 9,637 Which? members found there was one brand we loved most of all.

Panasonic received the highest customer score – based on how satisfied Which? members are with a brand and the likelihood they’d recommend it to a friend – in most of the product categories it featured in.

From digital radios and DVD recorders, to PVRs and digital cameras, Panasonic was the clear number one choice. And Panasonic’s TVs received a staggering customer score of 91%, by far the highest in the entire survey.

In fact, it’s easier to list the few categories that it didn’t come top – set-top boxes (they came second to specialist manufacturer Humax) and mobile phones and MP3 players (neither of which they produce).

Why do you rate Panasonic so highly?

We know that Panasonic’s products often perform well in our lab tests. For instance, there are currently 28 Best Buy Panasonic cameras and 10 Best Buy DVD recorders. And our survey showed that Panasonic products are often very reliable, with five star ratings for its camcorders and radios (among others).

But is this really why everyone likes Panasonic so much? Sure it produces some reliable products, but it’s hardly the only tech manufacturer doing so. In fact our survey found that most tech brands are extremely reliable these days.

And while Panasonic makes some great devices, so do many other companies. Canon has the most Best Buy cameras (40 in total) and Samsung won the Best Home Audio-Visual Brand at our recent Which? Awards, thanks to its superior performance in our lab tests.

Perhaps it’s the way Panasonic treats its customers that puts it ahead? At Which? we’ve heard lots of anecdotal evidence that Panasonic deals with problems with its TVs more effectively than rival manufacturers Sony and Samsung. Or could it be that while its products may not always be the very best on the market, they’re designed to do exactly what we want?

Are you one of Panasonic’s many fans, and if you are, what is it that so impresses you about the company? Or do you think that Which? members have got it wrong and there’s another technology brand you prefer?


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Before Purchasing Panasonic PVR’s Google the model and see how many people have problems with it. I wish I had done before I bought mine. (Bought 2 both had same design faulty component. Paid £150 to have one repaired, concidered not worth paying to have both fixed. Panasonic no help)

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