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Won’t play my old games? I won’t buy Xbox One

by , Senior Technology Researcher Technology 29 May 2013
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Xbox controllers on the floor

With the recent launch of the Xbox One, gamers (including me) are crying foul of Microsoft’s alienation of Xbox 360 owners by excluding backwards compatibility. But is playing older games really that important? (more about backwards compatibility...)

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EA turning off games’ online servers is turning me off EA

by , Deputy Technology Editor Consumer Rights 22 April 2013
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Game over cartoon

Electronic Arts (EA) has shut down online servers for a number of its games. But some gamers are losing more than just the chance to trade punches with opponents around the world… (more about video game servers...)

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Will the next Xbox destroy second-hand gaming?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 9 February 2013
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Portal 2 Playstation 3 second-hand

There are rumours going round that Microsoft's next Xbox console will remove the ability for users to buy and sell their games on the second-hand market. And if that’s true, I certainly won’t be buying one. (more about digital-only game downloads...)

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What’s your big tech prediction for 2013?

by , Deputy Technology Editor Technology 29 December 2012
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2013 on TV

We've had the smartphone boom, and the tablet armada is busy conquering all corners, but where’s the next big tech explosion going to come from? And who will set it in motion? (more about next thing in tech...)

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Microsoft Points – don’t get rid of this virtual currency

by , Technology Researcher Technology 30 January 2012
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Chocolate money

Along with rumours about the next Xbox’s capabilities, another emerged about the way we buy content on the Xbox 360 and other Microsoft devices. It could soon scrap its virtual currency system; Microsoft Points. (more about Microsoft Points...)

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It’s too soon for a new Xbox and PlayStation

by , Conversation Editor Technology 9 January 2012
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PlayStation controller graphic

Both Microsoft and Sony are rumoured to be unveiling their next video game consoles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June this year. But are you ready to invest in the next Xbox or PlayStation? (more about new games consoles...)

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Are video game publishers taking gamers for a ride?

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 30 November 2011
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PS3 controller

Modern video games have brought many developments, some have been a boon for gamers, and others a bitter pill. Now, a French consumer group has called for an official investigation into buggy and restrictive games. (more about video games publishers...)

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Littlewoods ad puts crass into Christmas

by , Technology Editor Technology 21 November 2011
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Children dressed up as stars in Littlewoods ad

In their attempt to convince us to shop in their stores, Littlewoods advertisers have, in my mind, created a crass Christmas campaign that champions commercialism. Doesn't anyone buy board games anymore? (more about commercialism at Christmas...)

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Microsoft censoring what your kids watch on TV? I don’t think so

by , Conversation Editor Technology 5 October 2011
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Children watching TV at night

What if your TV could, upon your child walking into the room, automatically switch channels from Aliens to Chucklevision? Is this a helping gesture from the hands of technology, or taking censorship too far? (more about automatic TV censorship...)

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Is it right for game publishers to turn off online servers?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 20 July 2011
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Online gaming controllers

Last week, video game publisher Electronic Arts announced its intention to close several online multiplayer servers for titles like Tiger Woods 10 and Battlefield 2. Is it fair to remove a feature we've paid for? (more about online video game servers...)

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Have shoppers turned their backs on Sony’s PS3?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 6 June 2011
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Angry PlayStation gamer

Sony’s PlayStation Network is back up, but the damage may have already been done. Shoppers have apparently moved their eyes from the PS3 and set their sights on an Xbox 360 since Sony’s security breach. (more about console shopping...)

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Giving Kinect to the ‘hackers’ makes sense

by , Conversation Editor Technology 23 February 2011
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Kinect CinderBlock software hack

Following a huge response from PC 'hackers' fiddling around with Xbox Kinect, Microsoft has opened up its camera for amateur software developers. Now that's how you get the best out of your technology. (more about opening up Kinect...)

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Smell-O-Vision’s officially here – a gimmick too far?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 26 January 2011
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Dog smelling camera

Have you ever wondered what a female protagonist's perfume smells like when you're watching a movie? Or maybe you've longed for the smell of burning rubber while playing Gran Turismo? If so – Smell-O-Vision's here! (more about smelling what you see...)

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Do we actually need motion-controlled tech?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 24 January 2011
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Magic wand remote control

Motion controls are ok when used appropriately, but when complex gestures are harder than a button press, are we taking a step backwards? In our first video we take a look at the future of motion-controlled tech. (more about motion controls...)

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