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Why won’t my tech turn off?

by , Senior Technology Researcher Technology 22 March 2014
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Power button

In a time of soaring energy prices we need to cut our energy use, not increase it. So why is so much modern home technology lacking a proper power button? (more about power switches...)

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Should Zavvi customers return their ‘free’ PlayStations?

by , Consumer Rights Producer Consumer Rights 13 December 2013
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Zavvi sign

How would you feel if you received something for free and were asked to return it? Zavvi accidentally sent shoppers game consoles and then threatened legal action if the customers didn't return them. (more on Zavvi errors..)

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Share your favourite technology Christmas gifts

by , Technology Researcher Technology 13 December 2013
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Computer keyboard with Christmas key

It looks like this year might be a tech-filled Christmas. With iPads, Kindles, smartphones and consoles – there’s something out there for everyone. What’s been your favourite tech present? (more about tech Christmas...)

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Won’t play my old games? I won’t buy Xbox One

by , Senior Technology Researcher Technology 29 May 2013
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Xbox controllers on the floor

With the recent launch of the Xbox One, gamers (including me) are crying foul of Microsoft’s alienation of Xbox 360 owners by excluding backwards compatibility. But is playing older games really that important? (more about backwards compatibility...)

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Xbox One – is ‘all-in-one entertainment’ what we want?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 22 May 2013
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Xbox One

Microsoft has played its cards for the next generation of gaming. Or, perhaps, the next generation of entertainment. All-in-one entertainment. One box to rule your living room – the Xbox One. Is this what we want? (more about the Xbox One...)

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EA turning off games’ online servers is turning me off EA

by , Deputy Technology Editor Consumer Rights 22 April 2013
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Game over cartoon

Electronic Arts (EA) has shut down online servers for a number of its games. But some gamers are losing more than just the chance to trade punches with opponents around the world… (more about video game servers...)

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OFT to investigate ‘free’ kids games with pricey add-ons

by , Campaigns Team Technology 12 April 2013
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Child using smartphone

Free apps are all the rage for tablet and smartphone users. But we’ve all heard the stories of unfortunate parents stuck with enormous bills after their children have downloaded expensive paid-for content. (more about the OFT's investigation...)

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Parental controls – paying a high price for freemium games

by , Researcher Technology 1 March 2013
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Three children playing with a tablet computer

A little boy from Bristol taught parents everywhere a valuable lesson when he accidentally racked up in-app iPad purchases totalling £1,700 in less than 15 minutes. Have you had your wallet stung by a ‘freemium’ game? (more about parental controls for apps...)

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 – are you tempted?

by , Campaigns Team Technology 21 February 2013
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Playstation 4

Sony has announced its brand new PlayStation 4 console in New York, introducing the world to its next generation of gaming. But what do our tech writers make of the new console? (more about the new Playstation 4...)

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Will the next Xbox destroy second-hand gaming?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 9 February 2013
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Portal 2 Playstation 3 second-hand

There are rumours going round that Microsoft's next Xbox console will remove the ability for users to buy and sell their games on the second-hand market. And if that’s true, I certainly won’t be buying one. (more about digital-only game downloads...)

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Girl gamers may soon top the leaderboard

by , Campaigns Team Technology 16 January 2013
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Gaming cartoon

The stereotype of a ‘gamer’ has long been the young man holed away in his bedroom, playing games in the dark for hours on end by himself. Yet, new research has found that we might be smashing the stereotype. (more about girl gamers...)

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Should we show glitchy games the red card?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 2 November 2012
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Game play screen shot from Fifa - Photo courtesy of EA Sports

Buggy, broken video games. It’s something I’ve come to expect, and Fifa 13 is the latest to be plagued by the issue. Usually you just wait for a patch but, when that doesn’t fix all the issues, why can’t you get a refund? (more about Fifa 13 glitches...)

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Are tech savvy toddlers putting you to shame?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 27 August 2012
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Child using smartphone

A recent conversation with my two-year-old nephew has made me realise just how tech savvy children are. Is this interest nurturing a generation of children who are a step-ahead of parents on the technology front? (more about tech savvy kids...)

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