No more unexpected item in the bagging area


Tesco says it’s making its self-service checkouts ‘friendlier and more helpful’ – no more being told there’s an ‘unexpected item in bagging area’. But will the changes make you more likely to use them?


Your view: supermarket self-service checkouts

Woman using calculator in supermarket

Supermarket self-service checkouts – love ‘em or hate ‘em it’s clear many of you have strong views. More than 100 of you have so far commented on our Convo on the subject and more than 1,100 have voted in our poll.


Why I hate supermarket sliced and packaged bread

Why I hate supermarkets

There is a huge array of plastic-wrapped sliced pap in supermarkets that tries to pretend it’s bread. But I know better. My breadmaker produces a loaf that has a gorgeous crust and a tasty, soft innard that smells divine.


How many Mini Eggs can you get for £1?

Cadbury's Mini Eggs

Products are shrinking; Patrick once counted crisps; and Easter is upon us. I’ve been inspired by all three and tasked myself with answering your burning Easter question – how many Mini Eggs do you get for £1?