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Our super-complaint on dodgy supermarket pricing practices

by , Campaigns Manager Consumer Rights 21 April 2015
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Put an end to misleading pricing

From dodgy multi-buys to shrinking products – it’s time to shelve misleading supermarket pricing tactics for good. That’s why we’ve deployed one of our most powerful legal weapons – a super-complaint. (more about our super-complaint...)

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What do shops have to say about piped music?

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 10 April 2015
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We’ve had more than 1,300 comments about background music in shops, making it our third most commented post of all time. So what do the most complained about shops have to say about it? (more about store music...)

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How many Mini Eggs can you get for £1?

by , Digital Producer Energy & Home 3 April 2015
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Cadbury's Mini Eggs

Products are shrinking; Patrick once counted crisps; and Easter is upon us. I’ve been inspired by all three and tasked myself with answering your burning Easter question – how many Mini Eggs do you get for £1? (more about Mini Eggs...)

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Are shrinking products a sneaky way of increasing prices?

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 20 March 2015
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Supermarket trolley

You might remember our debate about smaller creme egg packs. Well, there's more. Not only have we uncovered a host of other everyday shrinking products, the sun's at it too... (more about shrinking products...)

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We’re in a global diet-related health crisis

by , CI's Director General Consumer Rights 15 March 2015
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Frying pan with world map

It’s World Consumer Rights Day and Consumers International is calling on governments to support a global convention to fight diet-related ill health. Here’s Amanda Long on why this is a global crisis. (more about healthy eating...)

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Your view: is your supermarket gripe in the top three?

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 11 March 2015
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Half price supermarket offer

There are too many gripes to mention from our last supermarket debate, so I've summed comments on the three that just keep coming up - self-service check-outs, multi-buys and under-stocked shelves. (more about supermarket gripes...)

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Supermarket shopping: what gets on your nerves?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 19 February 2015
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supermarket trolley

Long queues, confusing store layouts, ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’… shopping for groceries can really be a chore at times. What irritates you the most about supermarket shopping? (more about supermarket bugbears...)

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Are loyalty cards worth the hassle?

by , Online Writer Money 7 February 2015
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Tesco clubcard

With some supermarkets changing the awards on their loyalty cards, are they something you'll still carry around in your wallet or are they now just not worth the effort? (more about loyalty cards...)

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Is your food lighter than it claims?

by , Senior Food Researcher Consumer Rights 6 February 2015
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Tin with tape measure

Are the grams on the supermarket products you buy accurate? Our snapshot investigation of 467 supermarket products found that some weighed significantly less... (more about underweight food...)

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Can you top these online grocery substitutions?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 20 January 2015
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Shopping trolley whizzing through supermarket

Online supermarket shopping is the most convenient thing since sliced bread. But that's until your sliced bread is replaced with a doughnut. Our recent survey highlights some of the strangest substitutions... (more about online grocery substitutions...)

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The new Cadbury Creme Egg pack size – what a yolk

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 13 January 2015
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creme egg cropped 2

Shrinking products certainly gets people whisked up. So when it emerged that one of the nation's favourites, the Cadbury Creme Egg, had shrunk, it was no surprise people scrambled to complain. (more on Creme eggs...)

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More should be done to stop Campylobacter

by , Campaigns Officer Consumer Rights 19 November 2014
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Chicken and Campylobacter

Food experts say that freezing chicken could reduce the risks of the potentially lethal Campylobacter bug – but shouldn't the responsibility start with the poultry producers and supermarkets? (more about Campylobacter...)

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What bugs you about supermarket packaging?

by , Senior Home Researcher Consumer Rights 14 November 2014
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Sneaky packaging can tempt you into buying products you wouldn't have otherwise picked up, while masking information that may make you think twice. Which packaging tactics leave you ticked off? (more about supermarket packaging...)

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Are you tempted by discount store batteries?

by , Home Researcher Energy & Home 6 October 2014
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Disposable battery prices vary a huge amount. Plump for a big brand and a four-pack could set you back over £5. Walk into a discount store and a packet of 12 could be yours for just £1. But are you tempted by them? (more about the discount batteries...)

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