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Solar panels – should you take the plunge?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 19 June 2014
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solar panels and purple sky

A recent survey of solar panel owning Which? members found that 97% were satisfied with their solar system and 93% would recommend it to their friends or family. Are you warming up to solar power? (more about solar panels...)

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The Green Deal launches – are you tempted?

by , Campaigns Officer Energy & Home 27 January 2013
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Picture of a green house keyring

You could call it the second coming. After the original launch-that-never-was in October 2012, the government’s energy efficiency scheme - the Green Deal - launches officially tomorrow. (more on the official Green Deal launch...)

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It’s the Green Deal’s maiden voyage – will it sink or swim?

by , Campaigns Officer Energy & Home 1 October 2012
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Green paper boats

At long last the government’s major energy efficiency policy, the Green Deal, launches today to very little fanfare. So why are we so cautious of the flagship Green Deal policy? (more about the Green Deal launch...)

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Will your solar panels bring sunshine to your savings?

by , Money Editor Energy & Home 20 September 2012
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Solar panels and sunflowers

If you were asked to find a tax-free investment, which could rise with inflation and save you money on your bills, would you look to your roof? Installing solar panels could do just that. (more on investing in solar...)

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Are you actually receiving your solar FIT payments?

by , Business Researcher Energy & Home 2 September 2012
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solar panels and purple sky

If you invest in solar panels you could make money back on the electricity you generate through the Feed-in Tariff scheme. Sounds appealing, but what happens if your energy company fails to make the payments? (more on Feed-in Tariff payments...)

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Who rules the roof? The downfall of a solar company

by , Which? Graduate Energy & Home 22 August 2012
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man on roof in silhouette

Which? members helped stop a £50m solar panel company in its tracks recently, after the extent of its dodgy trading was uncovered through numerous complaints. But is this the tip of the iceberg? (more on Solar Energy Savings...)

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Get the Green Deal right before offering cashback

by , Head of Campaigns Energy & Home 29 June 2012
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Would a cashback offer of £150 encourage you to take out a £10,000 'loan'? That’s what the government is speculated to offer homeowners so that they take up its Green Deal for energy efficient home improvements. (more about Green Deal cashback...)

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Could solar panels put your mortgage at risk?

by , Money Researcher Money 29 May 2012
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Solar panels

Solar panels are often subject to heated debate, with many arguing over whether they're value for money. And to add fuel to the fire, our research has found that solar panels can create issues for mortgage lenders too. (more about solar panels and mortgages...)

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What are your biggest solar panel concerns?

by , Higher Education Online Editor Energy & Home 25 January 2012
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Solar panels on roof

Today’s appeal judgement on solar subsidies might have you thinking about getting solar panels – and quickly, to get in before the new 3 March deadline. But there’s a lot more to consider before renovating your roof… (more about your solar panel concerns...)

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Big Energy Week – bring on your big energy questions

by , Senior Technology Researcher Energy & Home 17 January 2012
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Big Energy Week logo

It’s Big Energy Week! A week where organisations, like Which? and the Citizens Advice Bureau, try to help you keep the cost of your energy bills down. So what energy related question would you like to see answered? (more about Big Energy Week...)

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Solar Feed-in tariffs – should they be cut?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 13 January 2012
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Cartoon of man holding scissors

If you bought something under certain terms and conditions, wouldn't you be annoyed if those terms changed for the worse before your purchase materialised? That's exactly what's happened with the Feed-in tariff. (more about Feed-in tariffs...)

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The Green Deal’s ‘golden rule’ has lost its shine

by , Campaigns Officer Energy & Home 24 November 2011
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Green house

Yesterday the government unveiled the details of its flagship energy efficiency initiative, the Green Deal. Sadly, its crucial 'golden rule' means that joining the scheme may not work out to be such a good deal after all. (more about the Green Deal...)

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Feed-in tariffs – will the sun stop shining on solar panels?

by , Advocacy Assistant Energy & Home 31 October 2011
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Plate full of coins

The government has announced drastic changes to the feed-in tariffs scheme, reducing the amount of money people can get for feeding home-generated energy into the national grid. Will this put you off getting solar? (more about changes to feed-in tariffs...)

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Confessions of an ignorant solar panel owner

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 5 October 2011
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People holding solar panels

I’m known to boast about my energy efficient flat and share my love of my solar panels. Trouble is, until recently I knew nothing about them. How do I look after them, what type are they – and where exactly are they? (more about solar panel mysteries...)

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