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Bad phone signal at home – can you cancel your contract?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 23 October 2014
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What happens if you’ve got rubbish mobile phone signal at home, but you’re locked into a one- or two-year contract? Is it easy to cancel? No, as many of the stories shared on last week’s BBC Watchdog showed. (more about mobile phone signal...)

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‘Bendy’ iPhone 6: who’s to blame?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 26 September 2014
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iPhone in pocket

Not another ‘gate’. The iPhone 4 had ‘antenna-gate’ and the iPhone 6 has been struck with the moniker ‘bend-gate’. So if your iPhone 6 Plus has bent in your pocket, are you entitled to a refund? That depends… (more about bendy iPhones...)

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Is bigger always better?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 10 September 2014
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iPhone 6 'bigger than bigger'

‘Bigger than bigger’ says Apple about the new iPhone 6 and its even bigger brother iPhone 6 Plus. The manufacturer that once lauded thumb-friendly phones has gone big… too big? (more about the iPhone 6...)

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Jane Bradley: hang up on costly phone unlocking

by , The Scotsman Technology 18 August 2014
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Lock and key on phone

In this guest post, Jane Bradley of The Scotsman writes about the murky world of backstreet phone unlocking. Have you ever got your phone unlocked in an independent shop to avoid your network’s high fees? (more about phone unlocking...)

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What phone features are most important to you?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 8 August 2014
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Siri on iPhone 4S

What’s most important to you when you buy a smartphone? Fingerprint scanning, voice control, 3D graphics…? Somehow I don’t think it’s any of those. (more about phone features...)

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Mobile unlocking policies are confusing and inconsistent

by , Campaign Manager Technology 5 August 2014
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Padlock on smartphone

Ofcom has published a guide on mobile phone locking and unlocking. As useful as it is to check whether your handset will be locked, it just shows how confusing and inconsistent phone locking really is. (more about phone unlocking...)

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Embrace the cheque’s digital makeover

by , Money Researcher Money 27 July 2014
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Digital cheque imaging

We know that lots of you still love using cheques. The question is, do they have a future? Could giving them a digital makeover be a great way of keeping them alive? (more about cheques...)

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Is technology now a natural part of growing up?

by , Guest Author Technology 7 July 2014
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Children using gadgets on sofa

Now more than ever, technology is playing a huge part in our daily lives. But while technology can be a means of learning, is it preventing children from being children? (more about tech and kids...)

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Pat and Rob on the case for free mobile unlocking

by , Conversation Editor Technology 10 June 2014
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Unlock Better Mobile Deals logo

In under two weeks, more than 17,500 people have signed our petition to Unlock Better Mobile Deals. We don’t think handsets should be locked to a network after you’ve left – here's Pat and Rob to explain why. (more about mobile unlocking...)

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We want to unlock better mobile phone deals

by , Campaign Manager Technology 29 May 2014
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Unlock Better Mobile Deals logo

Today we launch our campaign to Unlock Better Mobile Deals. You shouldn’t be trapped in contracts that aren’t right for you, or be stuck with locked phones when your contract ends. And we need your help. (help us unlock mobiles...)

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PhonepayPlus: New rights if you charge apps to your phone bill

by , PhonepayPlus Chairman Technology 28 May 2014
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Google Play Store

Today PhonepayPlus launched a pilot to regulate app store purchases that are charged to your phone bill. Here’s the regulator’s Chairman to explain the new payment method and the protections that come with it. (more about buying apps...)

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Your view: revolting against bad battery life

by , Conversation Editor Technology 16 May 2014
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Comment box on phone

Bad smartphone battery life continues to get you worked up, with views coming in from Facebook, Twitter and here on Which? Convo. Is battery life one of your top considerations when buying a smartphone? (more about battery life...)

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£89 – a smart price for a smartphone?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 15 May 2014
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Moto E

Are you still to make the step-up to the world of smartphones? Well, despite the number of ads showing that everyone owns an all-singing, all-dancing handset, that’s far from the case. Could the Moto E change that? (more about Moto E...)

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Should all smartphones come with radio built-in?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 29 April 2014
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Woman using smartphone and headphones

Radio’s been around since the 19th century. It’s a relatively simple technology and yet FM tuners aren’t built into all smartphones. Yes, there are radio apps, but with data caps, should all phones have built-in radio? (more about smartphone radio...)

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