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Shops are spying on you – but does it bother you?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 19 March 2015
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Eye spying on you

Threatened by competition from online retailers, shops are introducing new technologies to find out more about you, the customer. Do you find shops analysing your behaviour creepy, or are you happy to accept it? (more about spying shops...)

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Are businesses listening to the voice of disabled consumers?

by , Extra Costs Commission Consumer Rights 18 March 2015
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In this guest post Robin Hindle Fisher, chair of an independent inquiry into the extra costs faced by disabled people, tells us why more businesses need to appreciate the ‘purple pound’. (more about the voice of disabled consumers...)

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Your view: is your supermarket gripe in the top three?

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 11 March 2015
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Half price supermarket offer

There are too many gripes to mention from our last supermarket debate, so I've summed comments on the three that just keep coming up - self-service check-outs, multi-buys and under-stocked shelves. (more about supermarket gripes...)

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Supermarket shopping: what gets on your nerves?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 19 February 2015
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supermarket trolley

Long queues, confusing store layouts, ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’… shopping for groceries can really be a chore at times. What irritates you the most about supermarket shopping? (more about supermarket bugbears...)

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Can you top these online grocery substitutions?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 20 January 2015
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Shopping trolley whizzing through supermarket

Online supermarket shopping is the most convenient thing since sliced bread. But that's until your sliced bread is replaced with a doughnut. Our recent survey highlights some of the strangest substitutions... (more about online grocery substitutions...)

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Paying £35 for a laptop service you didn’t ask for?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 2 January 2015
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Laptop on man's head

Have you bought a laptop from Currys or PC World and been asked to pay an extra £35 for a set-up service? Did you know about this 'Knowhow' service before buying? Read what Currys has to say about this. (more about Currys and PC World...)

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Are those sale items really good value?

by , Digital Producer Consumer Rights 26 December 2014
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Sales on high street

With mince pies still settling in stomachs and a mass of Christmas packaging overflowing in recycling bins, it’s now officially Christmas sales time. But how can you be sure you’re getting a real bargain? (more about sales...)

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Are special offers on electrical items too good to be true?

by , Lawyer Technology 18 December 2014
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Special offers

In the market for a new TV? Or maybe a camera for Christmas? Watch out for dodgy offers on electrical goods that might not always be as attractive as they seem. In some cases these deals don't deliver any savings. (more about special offers...)

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Undercover investigation: faulty advice on faulty goods

by , Senior Researcher Consumer Rights 16 December 2014
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Cartoon of shop floor

Black Friday saw millions head to high street and online retailers to top up their Christmas gifts. Shop floor staff certainly know how to sell, but do they know your rights when it comes to returning faulty goods? (more about faulty goods...)

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Have you been hit by ‘buy now, pay later’ pitfalls?

by , Online Writer Money 8 December 2014
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charge 2

Retailers are keen to advertise 0% interest ‘buy now, pay later’ offers in the run-up to Christmas. While these deals can provide useful financial relief for hard-up families, are they really as helpful as they appear? (more about BNPL deals...)

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Broken promises and dodgy deliveries – sound familiar?

by , Chief Executive Consumer Rights 21 October 2014
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Dodgy deliveries campaign image

Ever had the displeasure of late or damaged deliveries? As we launch our campaign to stamp out dodgy deliveries, our chief exec writes that there’s no excuse for keeping customers in the dark about delivery times. (more about dodgy deliveries...)

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Are you tempted by discount store batteries?

by , Home Researcher Energy & Home 6 October 2014
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Disposable battery prices vary a huge amount. Plump for a big brand and a four-pack could set you back over £5. Walk into a discount store and a packet of 12 could be yours for just £1. But are you tempted by them? (more about the discount batteries...)

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Phones4U: no iPhone 6 pre-order refund 4U

by , Consumer Rights Producer Consumer Rights 26 September 2014
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Phones 4u

Phones 4U, which went into administration earlier this month, has confirmed that those who pre-ordered the iPhone 6 will not have their deposit refunded. So what can you do if you’re left out of pocket? (more about Phones4U pre-orders...)

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How has your spending changed in the last 10 years?

by , Head of Economic Analysis Money 19 August 2014
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UK money

We’re currently undertaking a major piece of analysis to better understand how consumer spending has changed over the last 10 years. What do you spend your money on now that you didn’t a decade ago? (more about spending...)

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