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Keeping it local – a better approach to energy efficiency

by , Campaigns Officer Energy & Home 31 March 2015
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With millions of homes leaking cash every winter, we’re calling on the next Government to radically re-think its energy efficiency strategy. What would convince you to make your home more energy efficient? (more about energy efficiency...)

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Shock news as the Green Deal fund closes after seven weeks

by , Which? Graduate Energy & Home 26 July 2014
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Closed shop sign

Many were excited about the new Green Deal cash incentive scheme, which could get you £7,600 cash back for making your home more energy efficient. But now the fund's been closed just seven weeks after launch. (more about Green Deal fund...)

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Big six or independent? Our experts go head-to-head

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 26 January 2014
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Coin on gas flame

There are now more than 20 energy suppliers in Britain, but over 90% of the market is still covered by the ‘big six’. Our survey shows people are more satisfied with smaller firms, so should you ditch the big players? (more about energy suppliers...)

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You can have your cake and eat it, Chancellor

by , Executive Director Energy & Home 30 November 2013
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George Osborne energy bills campaign

When it comes to energy policy, the battle lines have been drawn. Yet the debate continues to return to whether we want an affordable solution or a green solution. It is often claimed, we can’t have both. But we can. (more on energy action...)

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How much is green energy adding to your bills?

by , Campaigns Officer Energy & Home 30 July 2013
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£10 notes as wind turbines

MPs have criticised the way energy companies communicate price rises with their customers, causing ‘deep mistrust’. Do you know what’s actually causing your energy bills to go up? (more about energy bills...)

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Could you warm to a district heating scheme?

by , Policy Research Assistant Energy & Home 22 March 2013
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A tiny house in someone's hands

District heating schemes could be a low-carbon solution for energy supplies, but customers are not protected by consumer regulations. Are you part of a shared heating scheme? (more about district heating schemes...)

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The Green Deal launches – are you tempted?

by , Campaigns Officer Energy & Home 27 January 2013
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Picture of a green house keyring

You could call it the second coming. After the original launch-that-never-was in October 2012, the government’s energy efficiency scheme - the Green Deal - launches officially tomorrow. (more on the official Green Deal launch...)

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National Grid: have your say on the UK’s energy future

by , COO, National Grid Energy & Home 16 January 2013
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Electricity pylon against a cloudy sky

As old power stations reach the end of their lives and demand for energy grows, huge investment in infrastructure is needed. John Pettigrew of National Grid explains how local communities can have their say. (more about our energy future...)

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Who’s watching the cost of offshore wind farms?

by , Campaigns Officer Energy & Home 14 January 2013
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Offshore wind turbines against a blue sky

The UK needs new power stations and renewable energy sources to meet demand. The Energy Bill has laid out plans for huge investment in infrastructure, but who is making sure that the cost isn't passed on to us? (more about investing in energy...)

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Your comments: paying for the Energy Bill

by , Researcher Energy & Home 11 December 2012
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Green gas flame in a black background

After the government announced its Energy Bill plans, we wondered how it would be funded. Many of you also joined the debate – we've gathered a selection of your views surrounding the future of energy. (more about your energy comments...)

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Got a wind farm nearby? Could you save on your energy bills?

by , Good Energy CEO Energy & Home 30 November 2012
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Paper windmills made out of currency in note form

Would you back local wind farms if they gave you discount on your energy bills? Good Energy’s founder Juliet Davenport explains why the company is trying to ensure that local customers share in their success. (more about wind farm discounts...)

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How will we pay for the Energy Bill? With our energy bills!

by , Head of Campaigns Energy & Home 29 November 2012
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An illuminated light bulb on green grass

Excuse me while I have a Dr Evil from Austin Powers moment, but - 'one hundred and ten b-i-l-l-i-o-n pounds'. That's what the government thinks we need to update our ageing energy system and keep the lights on. (more about the Energy Bill...)

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It’s the Green Deal’s maiden voyage – will it sink or swim?

by , Campaigns Officer Energy & Home 1 October 2012
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Green paper boats

At long last the government’s major energy efficiency policy, the Green Deal, launches today to very little fanfare. So why are we so cautious of the flagship Green Deal policy? (more about the Green Deal launch...)

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Rewarding high energy users sends the wrong message

by , Senior Advocate Energy & Home 24 September 2012
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Young girl by radiator

The majority of us struggle with our household bills. While offering discounts for high energy users might help some, does it really deliver the government’s objective to ensure we cut back on our energy usage? (more on low energy users...)

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