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EE announces price rise for loyal customers

by , Conversation Editor Technology 8 April 2014
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EE logo

EE has announced a 2.7% price rise for EE, T-Mobile and Orange customers who signed before Ofcom’s new rules came into effect. Have you been contacted by EE about a price rise? (more about EE's price rise...)

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What’s my phone warranty really worth?

by , Campaigns Team Technology 7 April 2014
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Cartoon of big phone and little man

Less than a year ago, I forked out for a brand new HTC One. Yet when I ran into a problem with it this weekend, T-Mobile told me it wasn't covered by my warranty. But should the repairs have been covered? (more about phone problems...)

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World Consumer Rights Day and your mobile phone rights

by , Advocacy Officer Consumer Rights 15 March 2014
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Happy flying mobile phone cartoon

Today is World Consumer Rights Day and our friends at Consumers International are using the opportunity to focus on your mobile rights. Time then, I thought, for an update on our Fixed Means Fixed campaign. (more about phone rights...)

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Stop charging us to make financial complaints

by , Chief Executive Money 3 February 2014
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Old phone handset

The use of costly numbers for customer service and complaints lines has been banned in many sectors. So why are financial providers excluded? We’re calling on the Financial Conduct Authority to act. (more about costly calls...)

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Your view: O2′s mid-contract price hike

by , Conversation Editor Technology 31 January 2014
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O2 and Fixed Means Fixed

O2 is increasing prices for new and existing customers alike. An RPI price rise of 2.7% on pay-monthly contracts will hit customers in March 2014. Here’s a round-up of O2 customers’ views on the hike. (your comments about O2's price rise...)

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Are Sony Xperia Z phones cracking by themselves?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 28 January 2014
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Cracked smartphone

Phone screens cracking by themselves? Sounds spooky, but that’s what we’ve heard from some Sony Xperia Z customers. The question is whether Sony’s fixing phones for free under warranty. (more about Sony Xperia phones...)

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O2’s price rise ‘flies in the face of new rules’

by , Conversation Editor Technology 24 January 2014
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O2 store logo

We've been celebrating Ofcom's new rules to protect consumers from mid-contract price rises. But O2 has found an opportunity to sting new customers with another price rise and we're calling for action. (more about O2's price rise...)

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Cash4phones goes bust – what happens to your phone?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 10 January 2014
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Man on phone

The mobile phone recycling company Cash4phones has filed for insolvency. There’s previously been controversy with the company due to changing offers, but now there’s a risk you could be left out of pocket. (more about Cash4phones...)

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Soon, calling public services won’t cost the earth

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 27 December 2013
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Cartoon of girl on phone

In another win for our Costly Calls campaign, the Cabinet Office has released new guidance for the use of high rate phone numbers by government departments and public services. We're on a roll... (more about costly calls...)

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Your view: celebrating our Costly Calls campaign win

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 15 December 2013
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Fingers with speech bubbles

Together we've been celebrating our Costly Calls win, with companies being banned from using expensive numbers for their customer helplines. Here’s a round-up of your comments on the announcement. (your comments on Costly Calls...)

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Victory! The government cuts off costly calls for travel firms

by , Conversation Editor Money 13 December 2013
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Hand holding a phone

Our research found that 70% of travel firms use pricey phone numbers for customer lines. Well, no more. The Government today announced that the travel industry will be banned from using costly numbers. (more about costly calls...)

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Putting an end to shock mobile phone bills

by , Campaign Manager Technology 3 December 2013
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Robber stealing phone from bag

Having your mobile stolen is a pretty miserable experience whatever the circumstances. But the crime can be compounded further if the thief uses your phone and runs up a massive bill - which you’re then liable for. (more about mobile bill shock...)

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If you don’t ask, you won’t get

by , Chief Executive Money 21 November 2013
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Bargains just ahead on road sign

Recently I saved £80 on my car insurance just by asking my insurer to match a cheaper quote from a price comparison site. You could look at this another way; if I hadn’t haggled, my insurer would be overcharging. (more about haggling...)

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