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Is changing your mobile phone deal about to become easier?

by , Senior Campaigner Consumer Rights 30 July 2015
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It should be easy to change your mobile phone provider to get a better deal. In practice though, we all know switching can be a real hassle. Now Ofcom says it plans to make the process much simpler and quicker. (more about switching mobile phone ...)

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Freephone numbers really are now free for all

by , Campaign Manager Consumer Rights 2 July 2015
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costly calls

I like companies with 0800 numbers. To me it’s like they’re saying: ‘Give us a ring, we’re happy to talk to you and it won’t cost you a penny.’ Well, unless you’re calling from a mobile that is. (more about 0800 number changes ...)

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Are your bills higher because of how you choose to pay?

by , Online Writer Money 19 June 2015
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pay bills online

There's no pleasant way to pay the bills, but being charged extra for how you choose to pay is rubbing salt in the wound. Did you know that not paying by direct debit and getting paper bills could cost you £243 a year? (more about costs for paying your bills ...)

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How does new Ofcom boss say she’ll improve services for you?

by , Senior Campaigner Consumer Rights 11 June 2015
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Ofcom choose this

Today we hosted the first public speech by Ofcom’s new Chief Executive Sharon White as she set out how she plans to make it easier for you to switch to a better deal and get the services you’ve been promised. (more about Ofcom's plans ...)

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The Bills we want MPs to choose

by , Parliamentary Manager Consumer Rights 3 June 2015
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Parliament at sunset

Tomorrow we pay our annual visit to Parliament to lobby MPs to pick one of our suggested backbench Bills. Why? Because there’s a ballot to choose 20 MPs who'll be given priority to present a Private Member’s Bill. (more about the Bills we want to see ...)

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Which call centres keep you waiting longest?

by , Technology Researcher Consumer Rights 21 May 2015
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call centre 2

What’s the most annoying sound you can think of? A crying baby on a plane? A neighbour with a drill? A car alarm at 3am? For me, it’s bubbly pop music while on hold to call centres. (more about call centres ...)

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How can we prevent mobile phone fraud?

by , Ethical Hacker Consumer Rights 19 May 2015
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Which? hired experts Pen Test Partners to test the security of the websites of the four major mobile phone providers. In this guest post Ken Munro, from the company, explains the test and what they found. (more about mobile fraud ...)

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How long have HMRC helplines kept you waiting?

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 11 May 2015
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Person making phone call

You're still facing long waiting times and having your call cut off when phoning Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs – that’s clear from the stories you’ve told us. So we're starting a poll to find out how long you've waited. (more about HMRC helplines ...)

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Do you really own your mobile phone?

by , giffgaff community member Technology 16 April 2015
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mobile phone unlock

Mobile owners are wasting £355m paying for phones they’ve already paid off. Here’s Mark, a giffgaff customer, on why his mobile network has never bundled the cost of handsets into the service charge. (more about owning your phone...)

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Are you wasting money on a mobile you already own?

by , Senior Campaigner Technology 15 April 2015
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Mobile emojis

It’s always a great feeling to know you’ve paid off a bill. But what if you were still being charged every month for something you’d already paid off? Well that could be happening with your mobile phone contract... (more about mobile phone contracts...)

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Do you report nuisance texts using SPAM?

by , Consumer Rights Producer Consumer Rights 8 April 2015
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Do you receive a lot of spam text messages asking you to claim for an accident you’ve never had? Or an SMS to reclaim the PPI money you’ve already reclaimed for free and have since spent on a break in Alicante? (more about spam texts...)

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New cap on bills for stolen mobiles falls short

by , Conversation Editor Technology 23 March 2015
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Phone being stolen

Should you have to pay for a bill that’s been racked up by criminals? The Government has reached a voluntary agreement with five mobile operators to tackle shock phone bills - we don’t think it goes far enough. (more about stolen phones...)

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What’s your message for Ofcom’s review?

by , Senior Campaigner Technology 12 March 2015
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Man angry on mobile

Ofcom is to review the UK’s digital communications markets. With three quarters of people on the wrong mobile contract and nearly half unhappy with their broadband speed, it’s time for change. (more about Ofcom's review...)

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Social media scam tricking public into money laundering

by , Consumer Rights Producer Consumer Rights 10 March 2015
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Scam written on keyboard

Social media: a valuable tool for the digital age? Or is it just another channel for marketers and scammers? Warnings from the Financial Fraud Bureau show it's more important than ever to stay safe online... (more about social media scams...)

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