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Is it fair rural areas pay the same amount for slower broadband?

by , Chief Executive Technology 22 March 2015
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There's a big divide in urban and rural broadband speeds. It only seems fair that broadband customers in rural areas shouldn't have to pay more for a terrible service that never reaches advertised speeds (more about broadband...)

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My broadband problems brought me down loads

by , Campaigns Assistant Technology 16 March 2015
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Sad smiley key on computer keyboard

Last month I spent more time speaking to my broadband provider’s helpline than my family. I couldn’t resist telling this to the customer service support staff, and got a sympathetic laugh from the end of the line. (more about broadband...)

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How secure is your webcam?

by , ICO Technology 20 November 2014
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A new website has launched that allows people to watch live footage from insecure cameras. In this guest post, Simon Rice of the ICO issues a warning and explains how to protect yourself from prying eyes. (more about webcam security...)

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Tfl to refuse congestion charge payments via copycat sites

by , Conversation Editor Transport & Travel 7 August 2014
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london congestion charge sign

Copycat websites continue to draw in unwitting punters. One of the most common scams relates to the London congestion charge, but now Transport for London plans to step up its action against them. (more about copycat websites...)

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Trading Standards: beware new copycat website tricks

by , National eCrime Co-ordinator Consumer Rights 30 July 2014
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The owl and the copycat

A lot of action has been taken against copycat websites that mimic official government services. But they’re not giving up that easy. Here’s Mike Andrews of National Trading Standards on the latest copycat tricks. (more about copycat websites...)

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ASA tells BT to give accurate broadband speed estimates

by , Campaigns Officer Technology 8 May 2014
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Snail on keyboard

An Advertising Standards Authority ruling has set some hares running in the world of broadband. The ASA upheld a complaint from a BT customer who claimed they were misled as to the speed they could achieve. (more about broadband speed...)

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Where the streets have slow broadband

by , Campaigns Officer Technology 24 April 2014
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UK flag on keyboard

Do you live in Wheatley Road in Essex, or Erw Fawr in Wales? If you do, the results of a Uswitch survey suggest that you’re getting some of the slowest broadband download speeds in the country. (more about broadband speeds...)

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Broadband speed limit planned for a fairer internet for all

by , Conversation Editor Technology 1 April 2014
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Woman in field using laptop with cows

The UK’s biggest ISPs are planning to introduce a broadband speed limit in order to redistribute faster speeds to those who need it. Do you think broadband speeds should be more fairly distributed? (more about rural broadband...)

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Crackdown on sites masquerading as government services

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 4 March 2014
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Hand with 'do not copy'

More than 200 comments have been made on our Conversation about copycat websites. These misleading websites have left some of you up to £1,000 out of pocket. The good news is that something is being done. (more about copycat websites...)

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Google: what we’ve done to crackdown on copycat websites

by , Google Head of Policy Technology 2 March 2014
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Copycat websites

We’ve heard you loud and clear – you hate copycat sites that mimic official government services. Many of these appeared in Google ad results, so here’s Theo Bertram from Google sharing how they’ve taken action. (more about Google and copycat sites...)

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Are you unhappy with ticket resale websites?

by , Parliamentary Manager Consumer Rights 14 February 2014
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Ticket roll

Have you used a secondary ticketing website like Viagogo or Seatwave? Whether you’ve been reselling or buying tickets, are these sites working for you? (more about secondary ticketing...)

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Have you been tricked by a copycat website?

by , Money Researcher Money 18 January 2014
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Ever had to pay a fee to get your passport or driving licence renewed? What about to do your self-assessment tax return? Chances are you came across a copycat website – if so, tell us about it. (more about copycat websites...)

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Is 4G worth it?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 21 October 2013
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It’s hard to move without being bombarded with adverts promoting Britain’s 4G phone networks. But is 4G all it’s cracked up to be? Our survey suggests that EE customers are convinced... (more about 4G...)

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Have you ever been hit by an online scam?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 30 September 2013
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Question marks on web browser

There are many reasons to be thankful for the existence of the internet. Without Tim Berners-Lee’s creation there would be no BBC iPlayer, no Google and… no place to share cat photos. But what about all the scams? (ask your online security questions...)

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