Is your washing machine built to fail?

washing machine error

Washing machines aren’t lasting as long as you expect, and in recent years we’ve heard from customers and repairman about models that can’t be repaired. We found that a change in design has had big consequences.


Are your home appliances safe?

appliance fire

If a car is recalled for safety reasons, owners can be traced through the DVLA. But what if your washing machine or tumble dryer is at risk of catching fire? How can you find out?


How smart does a kettle really need to be?


My brother-in-law loves gadgets. Ideally, he’d like to be able to control all the appliances in his home with a smartphone app or a remote – for him, the ‘smart’ kettle is a dream come true.


Have you had a problem with smelly kettle water?

A cup of tea with some biscuits

Can you help solve a mystery that’s threatening to ruin the breakfast time cuppa of tea drinkers up and down the country? Smelly kettle water. It’s a problem many of you seem to suffer, judging by comments we’ve had.


Farewell to instruction manuals

instruction manual

Ever been utterly bemused by an instruction manual? Or bought a product that didn’t come with one at all? These days it seems we’re just expected to know how products work, but not all of us were born tech savvy…