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Would you replace your radiators with underfloor heating?

by , Researcher Energy & Home 29 September 2013
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Underfloor heating

Autumn is upon us and it’s hard to avoid looking towards the colder months and thinking about staying warm. Is underfloor heating the key to a cosy winter? Is it worth the cost and upheaval? (more about underfloor heating...)

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The Green Deal launches – are you tempted?

by , Advocacy Officer Energy & Home 27 January 2013
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Picture of a green house keyring

You could call it the second coming. After the original launch-that-never-was in October 2012, the government’s energy efficiency scheme - the Green Deal - launches officially tomorrow. (more on the official Green Deal launch...)

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Have you been mis-sold green home improvements?

by , Advocacy Officer Energy & Home 10 January 2013
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Drawing of a home with energy efficiency ratings

With the temperature set to dip from unseasonable highs earlier this week to more typical teeth-chattering January temperatures, the Office of Fair Trading’s report into the energy efficiency industry is timely. (more about the OFT's energy efficiency report...)

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Christmas burglary boom: how do you keep your home safe?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 21 December 2012
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Gingerbread home

As we visit friends and families over the festive season lots of dwellings will be left empty. Throw in the long dark nights and homes filled with (increasingly fancy) gifts, and it can be an irresistible mix for burglars. (more about empty Christmas homes...)

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Are your radiators on yet?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 2 October 2012
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Cat sleeping on radiator

It was National Radiator Day yesterday (yes, such a day exists), so come and share your hot tips on how to keep your radiator snugly warm throughout the winter. That’s if you’ve switched them on yet. (more about radiators...)

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It’s the Green Deal’s maiden voyage – will it sink or swim?

by , Advocacy Officer Energy & Home 1 October 2012
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Green paper boats

At long last the government’s major energy efficiency policy, the Green Deal, launches today to very little fanfare. So why are we so cautious of the flagship Green Deal policy? (more about the Green Deal launch...)

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Are you pro at turning the useless into the useful?

by , Digital Producer Energy & Home 31 July 2012
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Selection of tools on wooden backdrop

As someone who likes to build and tweak things, I love the idea of altering household objects to give them a new lease of life. Do you tweak things or have little cheats in the home to save the pennies and the pounds? (more on DIY diamonds...)

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Get the Green Deal right before offering cashback

by , Head of Campaigns Energy & Home 29 June 2012
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Would a cashback offer of £150 encourage you to take out a £10,000 'loan'? That’s what the government is speculated to offer homeowners so that they take up its Green Deal for energy efficient home improvements. (more about Green Deal cashback...)

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Don’t be haunted by nightmare builders

by , Digital Producer Consumer Rights 18 June 2012
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Cartoon builder

According to our recent survey, more than a quarter of Which? members who used a builder in the last year had problems. And when they got a tradesperson in to fix them, the average cost was a whopping £532. (more about builder disputes...)

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Home improvements – will the law force you to be green?

by , Advocacy Officer Energy & Home 10 April 2012
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toy house and architect drawing

The decision to renovate your home could soon get trickier - the government's mulling over regulations that would require you by law to make energy efficiency improvements to your home when you renovate. (more on green home improvements...)

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Don’t be a drip! Watch out for dodgy damp advice

by , Acting Deputy Home Editor Energy & Home 13 December 2011
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Damp wall

Damp companies that offer ‘free surveys’ may seem appealing, but our latest undercover investigation found several companies recommending unnecessary treatment that could cost hundreds of pounds. (more about our damp investigation...)

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