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The holiday hassles of a teenager travelling solo

by , Guest Author Transport & Travel 28 July 2014
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Self-service airport check-ins

There’s a new generation of travellers flying the skies solo – teenagers, of which our guest author Kyle is one. But it isn’t always a smooth journey - here are some of the worst holiday hassles he’s encountered. (read more about holidady hassles...)

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Holiday Hassles – this isn’t what it looked like in the brochure!

by , Campaigns Assistant Transport & Travel 21 July 2014
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Holiday hassles illustrations

We recently launched our campaign to stop holiday hassles. Through your comments we've already collected more than 3,000 stories ranging from a holiday hindrance to holiday hell... (more on hotel hassles...)

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Brief cases: couple wins £1,162 in cruise confusion

by , Which? Lawyer Transport & Travel 17 July 2014
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Cruise Ship

Which? members John and Eileen Andrews won back £1,162 with help from our legal experts when their 14-night cruise was cancelled without their knowledge. (more about cruise problems...)

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Do retailers artificially inflate the cost of our suncreams?

by , Campaigns Manager Energy & Home 14 July 2014
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Sun Cream

A new piece of research from The Guardian suggests supermarkets artificially inflate the price of sunscreens to make you feel you’re getting a good deal - a concept we’re all too familiar from our research at Which?. (read more about suncreams...)

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Is Easyjet’s ‘cabin bag guarantee’ really guaranteed?

by , Assistant Travel Editor Transport & Travel 8 July 2014
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easyJet plane

When is a guarantee not a guarantee? In the case of Easyjet’s cabin bag guarantee, it’s when the airport departure gate staff ignore it. Has Easyjet put your cabin baggage in the hold? (more about Easyjet's baggage guarantee...)

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Buying flights? Beware of ATOL fakers

by , Assistant Travel Editor Transport & Travel 4 July 2014
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airlines surcharges BEUC

When you're shopping for holiday flights, always make sure to check the provider is ATOL protected. But be careful - we've found some websites that are displaying the ATOL logo despite not being protected. (more about holiday scams...)

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What’s your biggest airport bugbear?

by , Senior Home Researcher Transport & Travel 28 June 2014
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Airport queue

What’s your biggest gripe when you're at an airport? We surveyed more than 1,000 Which? members to tell us what frustrates them most before they fly off for their holidays... (more about airport frustrations...)

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Give us your view on user reviews

by , Senior Technology Researcher Consumer Rights 27 June 2014
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Comment key on keyboard

Finding out what others have to say can help you buy anything from a car to a meal out. And with more than 150m posts on TripAdvisor, it’s clear we love user reviews. Do you love or loathe user reviews? (more about user reviews...)

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Meet-and-greet airport parking – safe and secure?

by , Senior Home Researcher Transport & Travel 22 June 2014
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Meet and greet parking

How safe is your car when you leave it in the hands of an airport meet-and-greet parking company? You’d hope that your pride and joy is driven safely while you’re away. But that’s not always what we found… (more about meet-and-greet parking...)

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What’s the longest you’ve been delayed at the airport?

by , Consumer Rights Producer Transport & Travel 13 June 2014
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Woman frustrated in airport waiting room

There’s no doubt we'll all have experienced a delayed flight. But what happens when your flight is delayed due to ‘extraordinary circumstances’? A recent court ruling could shake things up… (more about our flight delays..)

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Ever had a dream holiday turn into a holiday nightmare?

by , Campaigns Assistant Transport & Travel 27 May 2014
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Sad traveller

If you’re jetting off this half term, we hope you have a stress-free trip. But we know that’s not always guaranteed, so here’s your chance to vent about holiday nightmares. You might just help launch a new campaign… (more on holiday nightmares...)

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Would you use cashback sites for a cheaper holiday?

by , Senior Travel Researcher Transport & Travel 23 April 2014
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Pound sign clouds

Our research found you can earn up to £318 in cashback just by booking a holiday. I’ve never really bothered with cashback websites before but I’m definitely tempted to book my holidays through them now. Are you? (more about holiday cashback...)

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Are you shelling out too much for Easter egg chocolate?

by , Senior Researcher Consumer Rights 6 April 2014
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Chocolate easter egg

Unwrapping a chocolate egg on Easter Day is a time-honoured tradition, as well as a lot of fun. But, gram for gram, how much more are you paying for your egg over an everyday chocolate bar? (more about Easter eggs...)

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