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Are you shelling out too much for Easter egg chocolate?

by , Senior Researcher Consumer Rights 6 April 2014
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Chocolate easter egg

Unwrapping a chocolate egg on Easter Day is a time-honoured tradition, as well as a lot of fun. But, gram for gram, how much more are you paying for your egg over an everyday chocolate bar? (more about Easter eggs...)

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Do car hire tricks drive you mad?

by , Senior Home Researcher Transport & Travel 26 February 2014
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Car hire

Do you hire cars when you go on holiday? And have you had a problem with the car companies you’ve hired through? We reveal the top pitfalls to avoid when booking a hire car. (more about car hire...)

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Has a medical condition affected your travel insurance?

by , Senior Money Researcher Transport & Travel 11 February 2014
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Picture of dream holiday against stormy sky

There is nothing worse than going through the rigmarole of getting a quote, giving out all of your medical details, only to be told that the insurer is unable to provide you with cover for your condition. (more about travel insurance...)

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How will you get over ‘Blue Monday’?

by , Online Writer Money 6 January 2014
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Happy and sad hands against blue background

Congratulations to those of you who made it out of bed this morning. It couldn’t have been easy as today is reportedly the ‘most depressing day of the year’. Are you feeling blue or taking action? (more about Blue Monday...)

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Raw deal on holidays for Tesco Clubcard holders

by , Home Researcher Transport & Travel 18 December 2013
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Pig holiday

Putting Tesco Clubcard points towards money off a holiday sounds like a good deal in theory. But if you’ve done that with travel company Cosmos Holidays, we’ve found you might have been charged extra for your trip. (more about Tesco Clubcard points...)

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Have you had a car hire nightmare?

by , Senior Home Researcher Transport & Travel 16 December 2013
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Car hire sign

Hiring a car on holiday should be stress free and easy, and for most of us it is. But all too often unexpected charges when we pick the car up or drop it off at the airport can turn this into a nightmare. (more about car hire...)

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Why don’t we haggle for our holidays?

by , Senior Home Researcher Transport & Travel 14 December 2013
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Free plane sign

We’ve been discussing haggling in recent weeks and the different ways you barter to bag a bargain. You’ve shared your success bartering for goods and services, but what happens when you haggle for a holiday? (more about haggling for holidays...)

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Cruise ship medical bills that leave you feeling seasick

by , Assistant Travel Editor Transport & Travel 24 October 2013
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Man on cruise ship

Our research finds that getting medical attention on a cruise ship could cost you hundreds of pounds. From seasickness to forgetting your pills, watch out for costly medical bills that’ll leave you feeling queasy. (more about cruise ship medical bills...)

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Fed up waiting? Join the queue!

by , Travel Editor Transport & Travel 17 August 2013
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Cartoon of a queue

Every day I wait in queues. On the way to work, I stand in a bus queue. Shopping for dinner, I end up in a supermarket queue. You can’t even escape queues when you're on holiday… (more about queues...)

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Why I couldn’t cancel my hotel room booking

by , Consumer Rights Producer Transport & Travel 4 August 2013
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A hotel bell

With the (mostly) beautiful weather we’ve been having there’s never been a better time to enjoy a staycation in the UK. But if circumstances intervene and you have to cancel a hotel room - can you? (more about hotel cancellations...)

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Overbooked flight – would you voluntarily get bumped?

by , Consumer Rights Producer Transport & Travel 28 July 2013
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Rest and relax sign in airport

Flight overbooking is a common practice for many airlines. While some shy away from the policy, others overbook in order to compensate for no-shows at the gate. Would you volunteer to get bumped? (more about overbooked flights...)

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To tip or not to tip?

by , Travel Editor Transport & Travel 26 July 2013
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Coins next to coffee cup

That is the question many holidaymakers will face while enjoying a week or so in the sun this summer. You’ve tried the local cuisine, enjoyed the region’s wine, then the waiter brings the bill and panic sets in... (more about tipping abroad...)

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Tickets for the 2014 World Cup – good value for money?

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 23 July 2013
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A football in front of an open goal

Tickets for the biggest games at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will cost hundreds of pounds. Should the tickets be cheaper, or is this simply the price we should pay to watch top-class sport? (more about World Cup ticket prices...)

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