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The challenges of buying hearing aids

by , Senior Health Researcher Energy & Home 20 October 2014
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Hearing aid

Behind-the-ear hearing aids or invisible ‘in-the-canal’ ones? iPhone-compatible or no frills? £500 or £7,000 per pair? Buying hearing aids comes with a whole host of choices to wade through. (more about hearing aids...)

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Politicians must empower people on public services

by , Campaigns Manager Energy & Home 7 October 2014
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With conference season coming to an end, we’re calling for all the political parties to commit to giving people a more powerful voice in public services and to make sure they meet people’s needs. (more about public services...)

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Dementia: are carers getting the support they need?

by , Elderly Care Editor Energy & Home 10 September 2014
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Older person's hands being held

I recently visited a family friend, who was diagnosed with vascular dementia a year ago. I had heard that he was a greatly diminished person, so I was almost prepared for the man who greeted me. (more about living with dementia...)

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Are lessons being learned from previous food scares?

by , Chief Policy Adviser Energy & Home 31 August 2014
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Mornging newspaper illustation

In recent weeks we’ve heard news of a national salmonella outbreak, an investigation exposing unacceptably high levels of campylobacter in chicken and, most recently, news of a strike by meat inspectors. (more on food scares...)

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Laser eye surgery: what do you see?

by , Senior Health Researcher Consumer Rights 18 August 2014
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Laser eye

You’ll see lots of advertising for laser eye surgery, but what should you know before you decide to go through with it? Our latest undercover investigation finds laser eye clinics failing to clearly explain the risks. (more about laser surgery...)

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It’s your prerogative to complain if things go wrong

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 11 August 2014
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Jakwob in the studio

It’s been a busy day at Which? HQ as we counted towards the 50,000th signature on our Make Complaints Count campaign. With this last signature, we unmuted a track to encourage others to find their voice… (more on getting your voice heard..)

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A ‘drinkable sunscreen’ that contains just one ingredient

by , Senior Researcher Energy & Home 6 August 2014
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Sun cream on shoulder

Drinkable sunscreen – it sounds great and has had quite a bit of publicity, but when we took a closer look at its ingredients we found a big surprise. Have you seen a product you think will struggle to live up to its claims? (more about drinkable sunscreens...)

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UNMUTEUK: Bloggers speak out on childcare and education

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 16 July 2014
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Supporter with the UNMUTEUK hashtag over their mouth

You'll be familiar with our Make Complaints Count campaign – our call to ensure public services act on your feedback. And we've got the backing of a number of bloggers who have shared their experiences too… (more about UnmuteUK...)

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Can you navigate the care maze?

by , Policy Advisor Energy & Home 10 July 2014
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Man standing outside a large maze

Our new report 'The Care Maze' finds that at a time when families are struggling to adapt to a change in circumstances, the system can be a minefield to navigate. (more about the care maze...)

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No more misleading health claims for one prebiotic

by , Senior Food Researcher Consumer Rights 4 June 2014
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Vitamin pills exploding

Last year we investigated health claims made by supplements and whether these claims were authorised. After we reported it to the ASA, a prebiotic powder has been told to stop making misleading health claims. (more about supplement health claims...)

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We must improve the social care complaints system

by , Local Government Ombudsman Consumer Rights 28 May 2014
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Carer holding hands with an older person

For the first time the Local Government Ombudsman has published complaints statistics for all social care providers. Ombudsman Dr Jane Martin explains what this means for social care complaints… (more about complaints in social care...)

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Do antibacterial products beat hand washing?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 19 May 2014
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Hand washing in a sink

A bit of dirt never did anyone any harm, according to the saying. But is that really the case? As sales of antibacterial products increase we wanted to know – are we becoming more paranoid or are the risks real? (more anti-bacterial products...)

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How much sugar is in your ready meal?

by , Home Researcher Consumer Rights 18 May 2014
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Sugar on spoon

Picking up a microwavable meal is tempting after a long day, but how unhealthy is this time-saving habit? With newly proposed guidelines for sugar consumption, we wanted to see how easy it was to max out the limit. (more about sugar...)

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Reduced-fat cheese – is it worth buying?

by , Researcher Consumer Rights 20 April 2014
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Cheese on a cheese board with a grater and napkin

It’s hard to keep track of the number one threat to our health – is it salt, is it sugar, is it saturated fat? Some manufacturers want us to feel less guilty about indulging in 'naughty' foods. What about reduced-fat cheese? (more about reduced-fat cheese...)

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