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How do you choose your toothpaste?

by , Business Researcher Energy & Home 24 July 2015
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Choosing toothpaste should be one of life’s simpler decisions. But with more than a hundred varieties on sale promising everything from cavity prevention to teeth whitening, how do you decide which is best? (more about toothpaste claims ...)

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Don’t pay for your European health card – it’s free!

by , Consumer Rights Producer Transport & Travel 13 July 2015
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Did you know you can get free or low-cost medical treatment in Europe – just by picking up a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Sound simple? It is as long as you avoid copycat websites. (more about fake health card websites ...)

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Struggling to find an NHS dentist?

by , Campaigns Officer Consumer Rights 16 June 2015
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How easy is it to find out which NHS dentist in your area can give you an appointment? We've found that getting accurate information can be a real struggle. (more about NHS dentists ...)

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Can you trust online allergy tests?

by , Sense About Science Consumer Rights 4 June 2015
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Allergy test

Have you ever had an allergic reaction? Did you take a test to confirm whether you actually have an allergy? Here’s Victoria from Sense About Science on why you need to think twice before buying online allergy tests. (more about allergy tests...)

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The three key ways to avoid sunburn this summer

by , Cancer Research UK Consumer Rights 15 May 2015
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Sun cream on shoulder

Here's hoping we get some good weather over the weekend. In this guest post, Sarah Williams, a health information manager at Cancer Research, looks at how to enjoy the sun safely. (more about sunscreens ...)

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Fast food foes: how healthy is your sandwich or salad?

by , Senior Food Researcher Consumer Rights 17 April 2015
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Is your supermarket salad as good for you as you think? Our research has found sandwiches and salads that have more calories and fat than a Big Mac or pizza… (more about fast food foes...)

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My day as a food hygiene inspector

by , Campaigns Officer Consumer Rights 21 March 2015
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Mouse eating bread on a plate

Inspections by Environmental Health officers ensure food businesses are complying with food law. But what actually happens on an inspection? I went undercover to get the inside scoop. (more about food inspections...)

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We’re in a global diet-related health crisis

by , CI's Director General Consumer Rights 15 March 2015
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Frying pan with world map

It’s World Consumer Rights Day and Consumers International is calling on governments to support a global convention to fight diet-related ill health. Here’s Amanda Long on why this is a global crisis. (more about healthy eating...)

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Can you trust travel insurers?

by , Senior Home Researcher Transport & Travel 28 February 2015
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We rely on our travel insurance to be there for when things don't go our way, especially when we're abroad and don't know the ropes. So why are so many consumers failing to get the cover they need? (more on travel insurance...)

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Optical Express changes its laser eye surgery T&Cs

by , Lead Lawyer Consumer Rights 24 February 2015
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eye close-up

When we heard that Optical Express customers were losing their money when they had good reason to cancel their laser eye surgery, we knew we had to step in... (more about laser eye surgery...)

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Do induction hobs interfere with pacemakers?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 12 February 2015
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More of us are deciding to buy induction hobs when replacing our old hob or cooker. But did you know that they could interfere with some pacemakers? (more on pacemakers...)

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How much sugar is in your breakfast bowl?

by , Chief Policy Adviser Energy & Home 28 January 2015
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Magnifying glass looking at calorie label

We've always known children's cereals aren't always the most healthy option to kick start the day. And now it seems the sugar content in many is on the up. Is it time we started to pick from elsewhere on the shelf? (more about cereals)

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Buying a stairlift? The pressure’s on…

by , Senior Health Researcher Energy & Home 23 January 2015
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Do you feel as though you may have been pressured into buying a stairlift? Our survey reveals shopping for a stairlift may not have been as simple as everyone had hoped… (more about stairlifts...)

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Butter vs spreads – what goes on your bread?

by , Deputy Home and Garden Editor Energy & Home 20 January 2015
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Toast with spread

Are you a butter or a spreads fan? I’m very much in the butter camp – nothing else quite cuts it on my morning slice of toast. Even though it is 80% fat… (more about butter vs spreads...)

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