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What’s really in your lamb takeaway?

by , Senior Food Researcher Consumer Rights 16 April 2014
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Food fraud

Our most recent investigation found 40% of lamb takeaways had been contaminated with other meats, with some containing no lamb at all. Shouldn’t we be able to trust the food we buy is what it says it is? (more about food fraud...)

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Are you shelling out too much for Easter egg chocolate?

by , Senior Researcher Consumer Rights 6 April 2014
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Chocolate easter egg

Unwrapping a chocolate egg on Easter Day is a time-honoured tradition, as well as a lot of fun. But, gram for gram, how much more are you paying for your egg over an everyday chocolate bar? (more about Easter eggs...)

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What it’s like to live with a nut and dairy allergy

by , Art Editor Consumer Rights 24 March 2014
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Nuts crossed out on chalk board

Any parent knows how tricky it is to come up with a varied and nutritious packed lunch for a six-year old. When that child has a severe allergy to eggs, nuts and dairy products, as my own daughter does, it's even harder. (more about food allergies...)

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‘I’m 7-years-old and I don’t like kids’ menus’

by , Guest Consumer Rights 12 March 2014
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Burger and chips

Sausages, burgers, fish fingers, chicken nuggets... do you want chips with that? Josh, 7-years-old and son of a Which? member, is no fan of the food on kids' menus. In this guest post, Josh puts forward an alternative. (more about kids' menus...)

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Sweet or savoury – how will you celebrate Pancake Day?

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 4 March 2014
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Blueberry and syrup, cheese and spinach or mushroom and tomato – these are just some of the recipes surfacing as we get ready to mark Pancake Day. Are you in the sweet or savoury pancake camp? (more about Pancake Day...)

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Do you question your supermarket’s pricing tactics?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 18 February 2014
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Special offer campaign labels

You may be a shopper who follows a list, compares prices and doubts every offer. Or you may just sling things in a basket and hope for the best. But however you shop, working out what’s cheapest is not always easy. (more on supermarket pricing tactics...)

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Know where your meat is born, reared and slaughtered

by , Chief Policy Adviser Energy & Home 7 February 2014
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Sandwiches with country's flags

Our research has shown that the majority of people are interested in knowing where their food comes from, particularly when it comes to meat products. (more about meat labelling...)

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Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a bit of Christmas pud

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 25 December 2013
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Luxury Christmas pudding with a sprig of holly on top

Merry Christmas everyone! You’ve opened the presents, tucked into the turkey and you’re now getting ready for dessert. But when it comes to the festive puddings, do you embrace or ditch the traditions? (more about Christmas puds...)

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Are you accidentally stocking up on salt this Christmas?

by , Nutritionist for CASH Energy & Home 24 December 2013
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Christmas lunch

In this guest post we invite Consensus Action on Salt and Health to share their tips on managing your salt intake this Christmas. Their research exposes just how much salt may be hidden in all the trimmings of the day. (more about salt in Christmas foods...)

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Are breakfast biscuits a good start to the day?

by , Senior Food Researcher Energy & Home 17 December 2013
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Breakfast biscuits

Are breakfast biscuits a good option for your morning meal? Or are you kidding yourself if you think they are? We compared them to breakfast cereals and even everyday Digestive biscuits... (more about breakfast biscuits...)

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Clearer supermarket prices for all!

by , Chief Policy Adviser Energy & Home 4 December 2013
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Ketchup and Banana with food labels

All major supermarkets in the UK have agreed to improve the way they display prices in-store. This is a big victory for our Price It Right campaign and means it’ll soon be easier to compare prices. (more about unit pricing...)

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Christmas pudding – do you love it or hate it?

by , Which? Magazine Deputy Editor Energy & Home 1 December 2013
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Christmas pudding

Will you be making a Christmas pudding this year? Or are you heading to the shops to buy one? Or even, are you wondering why anyone likes eating this stodgy and out-dated pud? (more on Christmas puds...)

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Which mince pies won our Best Buy prize?

by , Principal Home Researcher Energy & Home 21 November 2013
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Mince pies

Mince pies are a delicious traditional treat - and our taste test this year shows you don’t need to splash out to enjoy great ones. What do you look for in a good mince pie, and how much would you spend on them? (more about mince pies...)

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