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Butter vs spreads – what goes on your bread?

by , Which? Magazine Deputy Editor Energy & Home 20 January 2015
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Toast with spread

Are you a butter or a spreads fan? I’m very much in the butter camp – nothing else quite cuts it on my morning slice of toast. Even though it is 80% fat… (more about butter vs spreads...)

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Supermarkets must publish their Campylobacter action plans

by , Executive Director Energy & Home 12 January 2015
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Which? Chicken Mascot

We have today written to the seven major supermarkets calling on them to make publicly available plans on how they will tackle Campylobacter, with clear timescales for action. Read our letter from Richard Lloyd: (more on Campylobacter...)

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Charles Campion: what bird would Tiny Tim carry home today?

by , Food Critic Consumer Rights 22 December 2014
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Christmas cuttlery

In Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Scrooge sends Tiny Tim to carry back a prize turkey for the Cratchit family's Christmas dinner. Here's food critic Charles Campion on the meat you should serve this Christmas. (more about Christmas dinner...)

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Frances Quinn: make the most of leftover Christmas pudding

by , Baker Consumer Rights 19 December 2014
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Christmas pudding

Frances Quinn, winner of the Great British Bake-Off 2013, helped us pick this year's best Christmas puddings. But what to do if you and your family can't eat it all? Here are Frances' top Christmas pudding recipes. (more about Christmas puddings...)

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Which? win: a new food watchdog for Scotland

by , Principal Advocate Scotland Consumer Rights 14 December 2014
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Scottish flag with cooking equipment

This week Which?'s campaigns work in Scotland resulted in stronger consumer protection in the food chain, as a new Bill ushered in a tougher independent agency called Food Standards Scotland (FSS). (more on Scottish food standards...)

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Have you checked the hygiene rating of your Christmas meal?

by , Head of Compliance Energy & Home 6 December 2014
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Christmas place setting

In this guest post from the Food Standards Agency, Catriona Stewart explores why it's important to check a restaurant's hygiene rating before booking your Christmas meal.... (more about hygiene ratings...)

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Supermarket Campylobacter results under the microscope

by , Campaigns Officer Energy & Home 27 November 2014
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As you’ll be aware, we’ve been calling on the Food Standards Agency to publish the data that details the levels of Campylobacter per supermarket. Well, today they've done just that. (more on chicken safety...)

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More should be done to stop Campylobacter

by , Campaigns Officer Consumer Rights 19 November 2014
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Chicken and Campylobacter

Food experts say that freezing chicken could reduce the risks of the potentially lethal Campylobacter bug – but shouldn't the responsibility start with the poultry producers and supermarkets? (more about Campylobacter...)

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Professor Elliott: what food scandal could be next?

by , Professor of Food Safety Energy & Home 21 October 2014
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goats cheese

After leading a review into our food supply networks, Professor Chris Elliott explains how we need to monitor the food supply chain to prevent any future food scares. Find out more from him in this guest post: (more about goats cheese...)

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Is your diet backed by science?

by , Scientist Consumer Rights 8 October 2014
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Tape measure round knife and fork

Looking to lose weight? Searching the web for a diet to help? Here’s Voice of Young Science member Rob Hagan on why many of these diets are based on nothing more than dodgy nutritional claims. (more about fad diets...)

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Should we do more to stop junk food marketing to children?

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 4 October 2014
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Advertising sweets to children

Are food companies doing enough to market their goods responsibly? Are there particular food products that you feel are marketed to appeal to children or techniques that reel younger punters in? (more about junk food marketing.)

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Are you getting the fish you pay for?

by , Campaigns Manager Consumer Rights 14 September 2014
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Fish and chips

In our latest round of food testing, as part of our Stop Food Fraud campaign, we’ve found some fishy goings on in fish ‘n’ chip shops. Is the fish you’re ordering the fish you’re getting? (more about fish fraud...)

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Where’s your meat from?

by , Campaigns Manager Consumer Rights 8 September 2014
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Lots of raw, red meat

Most of us are interested in knowing where our meat comes from. That’s why we’re working with other European consumer orgs to ensure you know the full journey of your meat, not just a slice of it. (more about origin labelling...)

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A new Food Crime Unit to stop a horsemeat repeat

by , Campaigns Manager Consumer Rights 4 September 2014
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Food fraud

The Government has today accepted the recommendations of the Elliott Report in full, including the establishment of a new Food Crime Unit. Will this give you more confidence in the food you buy? (more about food fraud...)

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