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My day as a food hygiene inspector

by , Campaigns Officer Consumer Rights 21 March 2015
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Mouse eating bread on a plate

Inspections by Environmental Health officers ensure food businesses are complying with food law. But what actually happens on an inspection? I went undercover to get the inside scoop. (more about food inspections...)

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‘I’m 6 years old and I’ve invented bretchup’

by , Inventor Consumer Rights 17 March 2015
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Bacon sarnie

Sometimes some of us are hit with moments of inspiration. Harry, 6 and a half years old, has had one such moment early in his life. Here’s Harry himself sharing how he created a new sauce for your bacon sarnie. (more about bretchup...)

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We’re in a global diet-related health crisis

by , CI's Director General Consumer Rights 15 March 2015
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Frying pan with world map

It’s World Consumer Rights Day and Consumers International is calling on governments to support a global convention to fight diet-related ill health. Here’s Amanda Long on why this is a global crisis. (more about healthy eating...)

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Your view: is your supermarket gripe in the top three?

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 11 March 2015
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Half price supermarket offer

There are too many gripes to mention from our last supermarket debate, so I've summed comments on the three that just keep coming up - self-service check-outs, multi-buys and under-stocked shelves. (more about supermarket gripes...)

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Supermarket shopping: what gets on your nerves?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 19 February 2015
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supermarket trolley

Long queues, confusing store layouts, ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’… shopping for groceries can really be a chore at times. What irritates you the most about supermarket shopping? (more about supermarket bugbears...)

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Can you survive a disastrous Valentine’s dinner date?

by , Consumer Rights Producer Consumer Rights 14 February 2015
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resturant scott_cropped

Have you ever had a romantic meal turn sour? What would you do if your table was given away? Or what if you were forced to tip even though the service wasn't up to scratch? (more about your restaurant rights...)

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Newark Council: how do you decide where’s safe to eat out?

by , Business Manager, Newark Council Consumer Rights 13 February 2015
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A dirty plate with knife and fork

Finding a restaurant with good food hygiene credentials is, according to our investigation, a postcode lottery. As the most improved area, here's Alan of Newark and Sherwood council on the changes they've made. (more about food hygiene...)

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Valentines Day: don’t give the gift of food poisoning

by , Head of Compliance Energy & Home 10 February 2015
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We've got Catriona Stewart from the Food Standards Agency talking about their 'look before you book' scheme. If you're planning a Valentine's meal, make sure you check the food hygiene rating... (more about food hygiene ratings...)

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Is your food lighter than it claims?

by , Senior Food Researcher Consumer Rights 6 February 2015
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Tin with tape measure

Are the grams on the supermarket products you buy accurate? Our snapshot investigation of 467 supermarket products found that some weighed significantly less... (more about underweight food...)

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Time to sort out origin labelling

by , Chief Policy Adviser Energy & Home 2 February 2015
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Horse shaped mincemeat cut out

The complexities of the food supply chain were exposed following the horsemeat scandal two years ago. This had consumers questioning exactly where their food comes from. (more on food labelling...)

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Butter vs spreads – what goes on your bread?

by , Which? Magazine Deputy Editor Energy & Home 20 January 2015
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Toast with spread

Are you a butter or a spreads fan? I’m very much in the butter camp – nothing else quite cuts it on my morning slice of toast. Even though it is 80% fat… (more about butter vs spreads...)

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Supermarkets must publish their Campylobacter action plans

by , Executive Director Energy & Home 12 January 2015
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Which? Chicken Mascot

We have today written to the seven major supermarkets calling on them to make publicly available plans on how they will tackle Campylobacter, with clear timescales for action. Read our letter from Richard Lloyd: (more on Campylobacter...)

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Charles Campion: what bird would Tiny Tim carry home today?

by , Food Critic Consumer Rights 22 December 2014
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Christmas cuttlery

In Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Scrooge sends Tiny Tim to carry back a prize turkey for the Cratchit family's Christmas dinner. Here's food critic Charles Campion on the meat you should serve this Christmas. (more about Christmas dinner...)

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Frances Quinn: make the most of leftover Christmas pudding

by , Baker Consumer Rights 19 December 2014
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Christmas pudding

Frances Quinn, winner of the Great British Bake-Off 2013, helped us pick this year's best Christmas puddings. But what to do if you and your family can't eat it all? Here are Frances' top Christmas pudding recipes. (more about Christmas puddings...)

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