New food fraud: oregano or oreganot?


We’ve all got a friend so fussy about food it drives you mad. You learn to shut out their gripes about a dish that tastes fine to you. So when my friend complained that herbs ‘aren’t what they used to be’, I switched off.


How smart does a kettle really need to be?


My brother-in-law loves gadgets. Ideally, he’d like to be able to control all the appliances in his home with a smartphone app or a remote – for him, the ‘smart’ kettle is a dream come true.


Why I hate supermarket sliced and packaged bread

Why I hate supermarkets

There is a huge array of plastic-wrapped sliced pap in supermarkets that tries to pretend it’s bread. But I know better. My breadmaker produces a loaf that has a gorgeous crust and a tasty, soft innard that smells divine.


How many Mini Eggs can you get for £1?

Cadbury's Mini Eggs

Products are shrinking; Patrick once counted crisps; and Easter is upon us. I’ve been inspired by all three and tasked myself with answering your burning Easter question – how many Mini Eggs do you get for £1?