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Why was the ban on energy-guzzling light bulbs delayed?

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 28 April 2015
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LED bulb

Are LED light bulbs now good enough and cheap enough to justify banning the less eco-friendly halogen bulbs? The answer, seems to be no. Or at least, not yet. (more about light bulbs ...)

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Would a :-) or :-( convince you to save energy?

by , Campaigns Officer Energy & Home 25 June 2014
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Smiley face on box

Even when the weather's hotting up, you can’t keep energy costs out of the news. The latest development is a study of 540 homes which found a smiley face can help people save energy. Confused? Let me fill you in. (more about smileys...)

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Does it matter where your tech comes from?

by , Deputy Technology Editor Technology 10 January 2014
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Computer chip

Buried beneath the 3D printers and bendy TVs of CES, Intel announced it would no longer source the raw materials it needs to make computer chips from ‘conflict zones’. (more about 'conflict free' tech...)

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What if you could turn your old cutlery into a tablet?

by , Forum for the Future Technology 25 July 2013
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MoMo molecule scanner

Such an idea might sound a bit out there, but Which? has worked with Forum for the Future to see what tech might be like in 2030. Rodrigo from the Forum is here to introduce the MoMo molecule scanner… (more about recycling in the future...)

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What’s your biggest priority when you buy food?

by , Senior Advocate Consumer Rights 26 April 2013
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A woman shopping at a fish counter

Our new Future of Food report highlights the top consumer priorities when shopping for food. Prices, safety, convenience or taste - what’s your biggest priority when you’re doing your weekly shop? (more about our Future of Food report...)

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Could you warm to a district heating scheme?

by , Policy Research Assistant Energy & Home 22 March 2013
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A tiny house in someone's hands

District heating schemes could be a low-carbon solution for energy supplies, but customers are not protected by consumer regulations. Are you part of a shared heating scheme? (more about district heating schemes...)

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The hot hatch makes a comeback

by , Cars Editor Transport & Travel 13 March 2013
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An orange Ford Focus car

Hot hatches were everywhere in the 1980s, but the rumble of Golf GTIs has faded slightly over the years. Now the speedy cars seem to be making a more environmentally friendly comeback. (more about hot hatches...)

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Nest boxes – making a little birdhouse in your soul

by , Garden Researcher Energy & Home 24 February 2013
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Baby birds inside a nest box

The British Trust for Ornithology launched National Nest Box Week on Valentine’s Day to encourage people to put up boxes in their garden. Do you have nest boxes in your garden, and have they been successful? (more about nest boxes...)

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Competing composts – peat-based vs peat-free

by , Gardening Deputy Editor Energy & Home 21 February 2013
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Best vs worst container composts

We’ve been testing container composts to find the best performers. As the industry moves to increase sustainability, can new peat-free composts compete with their traditional peat-based counterparts? (more about peat-free composts...)

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Why bother buying bottled water?

by , Advocacy Assistant Energy & Home 3 January 2013
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Rows of bottled water

I have a confession: I like bottled water. I’m partial to a bottle of the fizzy stuff, but I’m also keen on a chilled bottle of still. But am I the only one who still occasionally buys my water in a bottle? (more about buying bottled water...)

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Post-Christmas clear out – recycle, re-gift and reuse

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 27 December 2012
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Wrapping paper

We spend many months preparing for Christmas, but what do we do with all the packaging when the big day has been and gone? I’m lucky with my local recycling facilities, but what do you do with your festive fodder? (more about recycling at Christmas...)

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Your comments: paying for the Energy Bill

by , Researcher Energy & Home 11 December 2012
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Green gas flame in a black background

After the government announced its Energy Bill plans, we wondered how it would be funded. Many of you also joined the debate – we've gathered a selection of your views surrounding the future of energy. (more about your energy comments...)

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Got a wind farm nearby? Could you save on your energy bills?

by , Good Energy CEO Energy & Home 30 November 2012
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Paper windmills made out of currency in note form

Would you back local wind farms if they gave you discount on your energy bills? Good Energy’s founder Juliet Davenport explains why the company is trying to ensure that local customers share in their success. (more about wind farm discounts...)

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Do the products you buy damage the environment?

by , FOE Executive Director Technology 30 November 2012
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Friends of the Earth campaigner dressed in smartphone costume

How much do you know about how the things you buy are made? In this guest post, Friends of the Earth’s Andy Atkins explains why smartphone manufacturers need to start making their products better. (more about making it better...)

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