What do you think about your energy supplier?

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We’ve published the results of our annual energy satisfaction survey – once again finding that the Big Six energy suppliers aren’t up to scratch. So, is your energy supplier one of the best or one of the worst?


Are you on a standard energy tariff?

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Are you on a pricey standard gas or electricity tariff? Millions of people are paying more than they need to for their energy – and they’re often the most vulnerable.


For and against smart thermostats

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Smart thermostats are the latest trend in home heating. But do they really help to heat our homes more efficiently? Two Which? staffers put them to the test…


Why cutting the price of energy really matters

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‘I’d like to use my heating in winter and not just when people visit.’ That was only one of many comments we’ve had from the more than 203,900 of you who have signed our petition for fair energy prices.


Our five tests for the energy investigation

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In just a month, the provisional findings of an investigation into the energy market are due to be revealed. We’ve written to the body carrying out the investigation, with five tests we’ll judge its suggested remedies against.


Turning up the heat on district heating


Many of us don’t trust energy suppliers, but what if you were stuck with one supplier for as long as you lived in a property, with no control over the price you pay? This is the reality for many district heating customers.