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Have you had problems with the Green Deal scheme?

by , Senior Researcher Energy & Home 25 May 2015
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Green Deal

It’s no wonder a scheme that helps you buy a new boiler or insulation for your home should be popular. But some of you have suffered Green Deal scammers and cold callers, and we’d like to hear your stories. (more about the Green Deal ...)

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Why was the ban on energy-guzzling light bulbs delayed?

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 28 April 2015
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LED bulb

Are LED light bulbs now good enough and cheap enough to justify banning the less eco-friendly halogen bulbs? The answer, seems to be no. Or at least, not yet. (more about light bulbs ...)

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Our five tests for the energy investigation

by , Executive Director Energy & Home 27 April 2015
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gas bill new

In just a month, the provisional findings of an investigation into the energy market are due to be revealed. We've written to the body carrying out the investigation, with five tests we’ll judge its suggested remedies against. (more about energy prices ...)

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Turning up the heat on district heating

by , Senior Policy Adviser Energy & Home 2 April 2015
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Many of us don’t trust energy suppliers, but what if you were stuck with one supplier for as long as you lived in a property, with no control over the price you pay? This is the reality for many district heating customers. (more about district heating...)

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Petrol pump energy pricing is key to switching

by , Campaigns Manager Energy & Home 30 March 2015
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Energy meter

Our latest research, conducted with EDF Energy, reveals that simple pricing would mean more of us would be able to easily spot the cheapest energy deal. In turn, this would increase our willingness to switch. (more about simple energy pricing...)

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Scottish Power sales calls banned for 12 days

by , Campaigns Manager Energy & Home 4 March 2015
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Arrow and phone

Scottish Power has been served with a 12-day sales ban by Ofgem after failing to meet the regulator’s customer service targets. It’s good to see Ofgem hitting suppliers where it hurts. (more about Scottish Power...)

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Do the Big Six deserve their loyal customers?

by , Campaigns Manager Energy & Home 18 February 2015
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Today is a watershed moment for the energy market. The Competition and Markets Authority has confirmed what we’ve known all along - competition isn’t working for consumers. (more about the CMA investigation...)

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Lack of competition in the energy market costs us billions

by , Campaigns Manager Energy & Home 3 February 2015
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Fair energy illustration

Our latest analysis of energy prices suggests bills could have been slashed further and sooner than the recent round of cuts. Do you think you’re paying a fair price for energy? (more about energy prices...)

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How does infrastructure spending impact your bills?

by , Campaigns Officer Energy & Home 14 January 2015
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Infrastructure illustration

Many of us have noticed the impact of rising essential bills like energy. New private spending on infrastructure will push bills up further, and we’re concerned no one is making sure it's affordable. (more on infrastructure spending...)

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Who switched energy suppliers in The Big Switch and why?

by , Researcher at UEA Energy & Home 9 January 2015
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a big switch on red background

In 2012 Which? and 38 Degrees launched the UK's first and largest collective energy switch. With 145,000 people taking part, this provided a unique opportunity to analyse real life switching decisions. (more about The Big Switch...)

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Ofgem: Why energy regulation must focus on consumers

by , Ofgem Energy & Home 16 December 2014
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Pound coins on energy prices

At a Which? event, Ofgem’s chief Dermot Nolan outlined his vision for getting customers involved in the energy market. In this guest post, he explains more about this vision. (more from Ofgem...)

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Confused between wood burning stoves & underfloor heating?

by , Online Home Writer Energy & Home 4 December 2014
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Feet in front of fire

Wood burning stoves or underfloor heating? To solve this mystery I waded through reams of information and spoke to tons of installers. But, does it need to be so confusing, and can it save you money? (more about heating...)

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Brief cases: has your energy bill ever been recalculated?

by , Which? Lawyer Energy & Home 23 November 2014
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Woman reading bill looking shocked

Which? Legal member Ian Walker came to us for advice after his energy firm tried to recalculate his bill and charge him extra. Has your energy supplier ever changed your bill? (more about energy tariffs...)

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Is your energy supplier failing to explain a ‘simple’ tariff?

by , Campaigns Manager Energy & Home 19 November 2014
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Word 'energy' in bulb

Have you switched energy suppliers recently? If so, did you use the Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) to help inform your decision? Do you know what it is and how its designed to help you? (more about energy tariffs...)

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